Thursday, 19 June 2014

2014s BAL

Hey Guys! ..So today I wanted to share with you all the pictures from my prom. I had the best prom I'd ever wish for, danced like crazy LOL!!!...Looking from the pics, you'd know the difference from an American prom to a Scandinavia (European) / Swedish prom, because we dress to kill, like attending a red-carpet event, and never held around the school's premisses (usaually in hotel reception, or event halls with red-carpet for picture taking).
 Our Prom was held in a very special event hall underground a mountain ( in the city I live in Gothenburg, it's not a leveled land, it's lots of rocks).

 My dress was bought from The States (U.S.A).
Shoe I bought 2yrs ago in Denmark.
Necklace from GinaTricot
Make-Up done by my make-up artiste friend Klaudia.

 Home Before The Prom.

'Swedish' :- Hemma innan Balen

 Cool Teachers.

Tuesday, 17 June 2014


Hello Lovelies, I'm back into business of blogging with a sign of relief from school work. Now on summer break. 

Yes, at last, I finally graduated, last friday!...So glad, my heart is full of joy, and especially coming out with damn good grades, showing the my effort of hard working, so thankful to God in Heaven for seeing his daughter all through this. My eyes looked swollen due to tears shared while saying bye to my dearest of lovely teachers whom I'm going to miss so much, one of them is relocating back to her country i Australia. My brother and his friend attended my graduation, but my dad couldn't because he travelled a day before and came back a day before yesterday (sunday).

After my graduation I became sick with tonsillitis,up to now I dying of pains, couple with the fact I started my summer job yesterday  but I know it'll soon be over.
Now, I need to sleep and get ready for today's job.

 Goodnight Lovelies! <3