Sunday, 27 April 2014


It's the last weekend of this month of April. So greatful to God for seeing Me through this month,it's not by my might nor power I'm alive till this very moment, it's because of the ever lasting Love He has for both you and Me, that we're still alive, sound and breathing.

Today, I didn't really do much, just did some saturday chores before heading out to town with my friend, for some little shopping. This was my outfit of the day I wore. I made this outfit 2years back & it still fits me perfect even noticed it's loose on my waist...Lol! I've been weighing the same for over 3years now, and I eat more you can think Lol!...I'm giving you guys some tips on maintaining your sexy shape with out struggles.

Have a blissful weekend, and make you head to church tomorrow, and thank God for a wonderful life he's given unto us.

How it looks from the side.

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