Monday, 21 April 2014


Happy Easter Lovelies! Hope you did enjoyed and had a splendid holiday. As we all know it's not just an ordinary holiday, but holiday to rejoice for the resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ. Who died and ressurected for our sins, and I'm so greatful to him. By his stripes,I'm healed and rich in his glory! Thank You God.
This was the outfit I had on Me yesterday to church being Easter Sunday with my big bro. We took the photos after church, while taking a stroll down to the tram-stop. By the pics taking, you can all see the weather was amazing with +20degrees and I forgot my glasses that the sun was affecting my sight, you can see it from my facial expression LOL!!

Live begins tomorrow, so happy to start school, miss some cool,crazy lovely friends of mine. Now I gotta arrange myself ahead of tomorrow,but feel so weak from the bunch Easter candies I ate. I'm going to post some pics of my tomorrow's out. 
Have a lovely week ahead guys! 
 Kisses! :* 

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