Sunday, 27 April 2014


It's the last weekend of this month of April. So greatful to God for seeing Me through this month,it's not by my might nor power I'm alive till this very moment, it's because of the ever lasting Love He has for both you and Me, that we're still alive, sound and breathing.

Today, I didn't really do much, just did some saturday chores before heading out to town with my friend, for some little shopping. This was my outfit of the day I wore. I made this outfit 2years back & it still fits me perfect even noticed it's loose on my waist...Lol! I've been weighing the same for over 3years now, and I eat more you can think Lol!...I'm giving you guys some tips on maintaining your sexy shape with out struggles.

Have a blissful weekend, and make you head to church tomorrow, and thank God for a wonderful life he's given unto us.

How it looks from the side.

Monday, 21 April 2014


Happy Easter Lovelies! Hope you did enjoyed and had a splendid holiday. As we all know it's not just an ordinary holiday, but holiday to rejoice for the resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ. Who died and ressurected for our sins, and I'm so greatful to him. By his stripes,I'm healed and rich in his glory! Thank You God.
This was the outfit I had on Me yesterday to church being Easter Sunday with my big bro. We took the photos after church, while taking a stroll down to the tram-stop. By the pics taking, you can all see the weather was amazing with +20degrees and I forgot my glasses that the sun was affecting my sight, you can see it from my facial expression LOL!!

Live begins tomorrow, so happy to start school, miss some cool,crazy lovely friends of mine. Now I gotta arrange myself ahead of tomorrow,but feel so weak from the bunch Easter candies I ate. I'm going to post some pics of my tomorrow's out. 
Have a lovely week ahead guys! 
 Kisses! :* 

Wednesday, 16 April 2014


Happy Holidays Lovelies!

Thank you all for 1K ''+1000'' registered fans on G+ for my blog, plus other sites growing on daily basis from all over the world from USA to ASIA(China,Thai,Philli,Japan,Indone,Russia) Irak,Quatar,Dubai & EUROPE (Sweden, France, Italy,Poland, UK, Spain, Norway, DenmarkCanada.....)!  So amazed I must say. Without you all, my blog won't have readers & fans, but thank God you guys are, sparing out time daily to check my blog even though it's not written in your native tongue/language but you still make effort to read/check it out and even register yourself  as a follower/fan. I really appreciate your effort and love towards my blog. Thank you for your lovely messages and comments. You Guys ROoCck!!

Thank You, THank YOU <3 <3

Saturday, 12 April 2014


Happy Weekend Everyone.
I'm so greatful to God to see this very day. This pasted week, I was terribly down with cough and severe cold, but became healed on time. So happy! :)

Guys, remember in my last blog post, I talked about a dinner dress I designed, which I promised to upload pics of it..   .....HERE IT IS !

A 30mins design of mine, easy-to-wear look but super sexy!

Good News Everyone!...I've decided to start getting paid for designing for my customers. All you need to do if you ain't living in my city & country, contact me through my business email (listed on left-handside in my blog under my personal info) and I'd answer rapidly with your request.

 Materials Used :- * Black Thick Jessy elastic material (made of cotton).
                             * Big-hole Net Gold elastic material.

Can't wait to celebrate Easter.

Saturday, 5 April 2014


Happy Weekend Everyone! ♥
Last night I over slept 10:00PM-10:30AM due to exhaustion from school (being my final year), but still I don't let that hold Me down from my dressIng appearance.
So, day before yesterday I made a Leopard Fur Jacket with Leather Longsleeve. I made it within the Space of 40minutes and It turned out looking amazing, so proud of myself/handwork. People who saw Me, kept on stopping Me to ask where I bought it from, when I Gold I made it they were shocked and they said they'd be willing to but from Me. I've thought about that (to start designing outfits for people) and I'd let you guys know when I've made the decision to begin place you orders.
Yesterday I wore the jacket with a black biker-jeans & a black lace Top (made by Me) with a red sneakers & a Gold colar- necklace which turned to be classy but very simple to wear.
Here are pics of My yesterday's outfit :-