Sunday, 9 March 2014



At last Spring Seasoning officially started yesterday in my city Göteborg stad (Gothenburg city), Sweden.
I'm so happy to get rid of my winter jackets and switch over to my spring jackets & spring clothes of course e.g my biker-chic leather jacket.
     On friday, I bought myself some shoes again (making it the 7th pair I've bought since this year) LOL can't help it. I really fell in love with shoe that I couldn't let them go (love at first sight) :-D One is a high-heeled  peep-toe  Leopard skin-clothe shoe & a brown 3inch heeled ankle boot (genueine leather). I wore the leopard heeled peep-toe today to Church. I do love it. My shoes are my babies for now HAHA!!!
For 2weeks, I've been on break, been trying to just relax and get myself for the task ahead this Spring period (examination), no worries with God all things are possible. :)

Have a blessed & amazing week ahead guys!!

Eva Banks. ♥ ♥ ♥

 Miley pic.. hahaha!!!

 Orange is the new red in vogue this season.

 Church Outfit.

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