Thursday, 20 February 2014


Hey Lovelies! How're you guys doing?! ...For Me, I've been resting/chillaxing..LOL!..but was busy training & also braided  my hair (extra long braids over the butt).
 Meanwhile, I took varieties of pics of myself to keep you guys in touch with what I had been doing this pasted week, it'd be posted tomorrow darlings :D

 Never the less, wanted to give you some of my stalkers..Lol!..who keeps on checking up on Me, on whatever I do. #CrazySycopaths 
NOTE :- ''Once I count you out of my friendlist, you're OUT for REAL (Retarded Envious Agent For Live)...hahaha!!!...So,don't force yourself to get my attention to notice you because I won't (sending messages & prank calling).. #SoChildish.  Every precious second/minute-hours of my time,worthes much more better than you & your filthy disgursting friends like you. You're a forgotten issue #PersonalNonGrather. You're worth nothing, and can't be compaired with my standard.
Just get over it, that I don't want to be any way friends with you. NOTE THAT!

I've this song track for you 

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