Tuesday, 4 February 2014


Hey guys! what've you all been upto this week?!.. For Me, I've been knocked up with school projects.

 Today, I went to 'LASERDOME', with my friends. It was damn fun, but my team (Red team) lost to the other team (Blue team), I felt bad that we lost the battle to the other team  lol but I was happy that I got involved in the battle haha!!
So, last week I bought Me 2 new pairs of shoes (another boot & heeless wedge boot) , I know I'm a shoe-hoe I can't help it. Whenever I see shoes of my taste I don't wait but to try it on & buy it immediately. From this pasted December in 2013(last year) till this present month, the shoes which I acquired & haven't use are over 15pairs still intact in their cartons that as of now my wardrobe are damn full of my shoes that these new ones I bought sleep beside my bed LOL! ..then you can imagine (due to no more space ).

Here are pics of my new babies :-


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