Saturday, 18 January 2014


Happy Weekend Dearies!.....Hope you all are enjoying this cool weekend to gain the energy to strike against Lazy Monday...Lol!

Today, I just chilled at home & did my laundry couple,the weather hasn't been friendly in my city this past week with snow flakes,it's freaking cold. As I'm wrting this post,I'm under my warm blanket on my soft bed with the laptop facing Me & at the same time listening to some music tracks my dearie sent to Me...haha! :D


* This goes directly to ladies #NoHarmOrHate :- Why carry the grudges of bitterness in you about another lady who doesn't even give a damn of what you do or think of them, just let go & move, so you can succeed in life.

*It's so funny to see a friend who gossip & talked about you,their facial expression/look on their faces is always full of guilt when they see you,I've experienced that...Lol!..but why? I constantly ask myself why ladies continuosly gossip and at the end feel guilty...Do you expect Me to pet you..haha! When you were talking did your tongue just suddenly got loosen from a tied chain or bandage and knowing you're voicing out falseness...Lol! Well,if that's the case you need to learn what they call SELF-CONTROL(Including your thought & tongue).
All this is caused by JEALOUSY...If jealousy was a crime here on earth,million & millions of ladies will be locked in jail...haha :D Just let go & work hard to achieve that particular thing you're eyeing your frind of, you don't know how she worked had to get into that position she is in now,just step up your game & work  hard.

*Things you ladies may not have an idea of, is men dread ladies/women who always find fault, especially condeming their fellow lady. If you're that type just change,because your partner will never want to hurt your feelings with his genuiene opinion towards that horrible side of you,instead he'll continually be queit when you complain i.e indirectly tell you he is not interested in what you're back-biting about.

*If you have friends that the jealous type, please & please, keep yourself a far disstance from them, because jealousy can turn/affect someone's character badly towards you whom they're jealous of, and once you know them as that type never let them know about things that evolves around you,just for good.  
  For Me, which you guys knew last year of, I cut of many of my so called to be close friends when they're totally not those friends I thought they were...On the 31st Eve, I sent them a New Years message that was going to be the last they would hear & get from Me (Only if they see my Facebook update which constantly tear them apart)....haha :D So,happy with my new friends, thank God for my dearie♥ ♥ ♥  & of course my old genuiene cool friends of mine (from years back,some I grew up with,who are living in different parts of the world,thank god for Skype)...Lol! 

This year 2014, I hope you all will amend your little faults & mistakes. Note This :- ''NOBODY IS PERFECT!'' 



Oldie selfie from last year...miss this extra long braids! :)

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Eva Banks.
♥ ♥ ♥

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