Wednesday, 28 November 2012


Growing up, playing with barbie dolls or girlish toys, sorry that wasn't me at all!
When growing up, i loved playing with things people taught were weird for girls to play with, example play with car toys with my sibling,playing football, prefer talking to boys than girls. One thing that really makes me laugh now was, I always reject gowns my lovely mum usually bought for me. There was a time she bought me a Cindarella gown for a birthday party of my age, I rejected and refused to go because she bought me a gown! LMFAO!!..Lol    When I think of that it really makes happy that, when growing up I grew taste for fashion everyday, it didn't just come once into my life,no! came gradually and the the help of my high-class family who has a strong high taste of fashion. I got my first high-heeled shoes at age 5, not just high but high for my age group,it was mearnt for kids in 8-9 years of age (but i have a long feet), and i really love the shoe that i made my mum to buy it for me (by pretending as if I was crying).  We know how fathers are towards protecting their only daughter, example; Me. My dad is the tough father type, but still funny!..My dad got me my fisrt mini-skirt,hahaha!...that my friend's were suprised because their aren't the fashion concious type but mine was, because it's in the blood...Lol
When shopping with my family, it's really fun but hard work in the sense that you go shopping for several hours and buy lots and lots, at the end i won't want to try them on then i keep it at one side and expect another new one!
  It's really cool/fun to have your family members to be fashionistas, because it's boring/suck when you're the only one in the family who is fashionable because one day you get loose your sense of fashion trust me, but that does not mean you can't librate your families, do you want to tell that most of the top celebrities  have families that high taste in fashion!..They helped theirs!..If they could,You can!  Loads of love to you guys! And make this your priority to help peopl who are lost in fashion,like I am!
Feel free to leave your comments and I'll reply  soon has i see them! It's almost 1:00am in the morning here in Gothenburg,Sweden, so goodnight,goodmornining/afternoon to my lovely readers under different time zones!

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