Wednesday, November 8, 2017

What I Haven't Been Open About.

Hey Lovelies! 
It's been quite a while I updated the blog. 
I've been trying to settle down with school but I'm happy the storm is soon to be over!

Okay back to the topic :- ''What I haven't been open about''.
I've been wanting to open about this from the day one I started this blog but I kept feeling cold about it... But for the pasted 1 month meeting and interacting with new people, something really bothered me, because I myself have the same issue and knowing my daily struggle trying to fight it and not letting it put me down, I started to wonder and think about other youths how difficult it's for them to not feel accepted.
What is this that I'm talking about? 
This is NOT a disease some people try to insinuate.
I have struggled all my life trying not to let the social mors towards dyslexia affect me! 

Dyslexia doesn't make you stupid or less intelligent! 
I had one of the best grades graduating from my school and it's nothing to brag about, but it's facts!.. 
And I'm dyslexic! 
I remembered last year when one of my teacher, sat me down to talk about how amazed he was on an exam we had everyone failed but I passed with a B regardless of my dyslexia and I brought up more topics regarding it he hadn't touched.
This is because dyslexia doesn't affect your intelligence. 
Dyslexic people are considered people with a high distinct level in IQ, because we tend to solve things with different thinking skills, it's like a picture grabbing mindset and have long-term memories.

Things You Should Educate Yourself More On! :- 
- Dyslexic Gifts

                                    - Dyslexics often enjoy and excel at solving puzzles.

                   - Dyslexics have excellent comprehension of the stories read or told them.

   - Most dyslexics often have a better sense of spatial relationships and better use of their right brain.

 - Dyslexics have excellent thinking skills in the areas of conceptualization, reason, imagination, and 

                - Dyslexics have a strong ability to see concepts with a "big picture" perspective.

                      - Dyslexics are adept to excellence in areas not dependent on reading.

                        - Dyslexics typically have a large spoken vocabulary for their age.

                      - Dyslexics tend to be more curious, creative, and intuitive than average.

                     - Dyslexics’ special mode of thought easily produces the gift of mastery.

                                     - Dyslexia is not related to low intelligence.

I recently had an exam 5 days after I started a new program haven't had any book textbooks yet because I've only been there 5 days ( I joined one month after the program started), when the result came out you needed 20points to pass and I got 18 points, (even though I DON'T believe in failure) and my program administrator was surprised because the plan was for me to just go to the examination hall to see how the questions were like, but I answered some questions.
SO NEVER JUDGE PEOPLE based on what you have no idea about! 

What You Don't Know 

- Dyslexia can affect spoken language, written language and language comprehension.

- Dyslexics have trouble breaking down unfamiliar words into letter-sound segments. As a result, reading is slow and filled with errors.

              - Dyslexics require extra time and effort to process language information.

                   - Dyslexics often need to be taught to look at words linearly, left-to-right.

That's why during oral presentations I tend to stamma while reading off a paper because it becomes severely unreadable, and then people tend to think maybe she can't read! 

NO, that is absolutely not the case! 

That's why I barely interact through texting, I'm always on phone calling because it's more easier for me to communicate than spending time trying to see everything is perfect before sending the text. 
I'm happy to have friends and family that understand and supports me!

Thank God for modern day technology, it's more easier for us to have Speech to Text to avoid longer time when writing assignments. 

So to you guys who haven't educated yourself more on dyslexia should because your words, attitude and lack of right info can provoke a dyslexic and also lead them to emotional discomfort! 
There are lots of dyslexics that hold a well prestige jobs such as Bosses, CEOs and even own their companies. 


 I hope you all learn from this post 
learn to support a dyslexic around you!


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Jeans :- Wrangler

Bodysuit :-  H & M.

Monday, October 16, 2017

How To Make A Mouthwatering Oats Raspberry Cake Without Any Flour & Sugar in it! ALL GLUTEN-FREE!!

Happy Sunday Lovelies! 

So today I made myself my favourite mouthwatering dessert!
An Oats Raspberry+Blueberry cake without any baking flour and sugar added! 
All you need is Oats, Butter, Frozen berries, Whey Protein Powder, Salt, Milk and a Fresh Egg!

Very low calorie!

Here is the recipe and procedures/ steps :- 

Before you proceed with the procedure, put your oven at the degree of 250. 


Put your oats (gluten-free) in a blender and blend it until it gets that smooth texture of baking flour.
Then, pour your oats flour into a bowl.


Break one fresh egg into the bowl


Add half or one glass of milk depending on your quantity of oats.


Take a teaspoon of cooking butter into a little plate, put it in the microwave 1minute to melt the butter. Then add into the bowl.


Put one finger pinch of salt into the bowl. 


Add 1 scoop of Whey Protein in either Vanilla or Banana flavour.
I used my all-time favourite Optimum's Nutrition Whey Gold Standard in Banana Flavour.


Put the frozen berries ( Raspberry & Blueberry) into the bowl. 
Then blend your mixture in the thoroughly.


Then pour your mixture into the baking form pan.
Make sure that the pan is Greased well before pouring the mixture into it.


Then Prickle more berries (Raspberry & Blueberries) on top. 


Now it's time to put it in the oven, and we're only leaving it there for 20mins. 
After the first 10minutes, reduce the temperature of the oven from 250 degrees to a 100 degrees in order to get that sponginess a bit in the middle. 


After 20minutes has been reached, then take out of the oven for it to cool down for a while.

And it's been cooled down, my darlings you've achieved the steps of making yourself a very healthy dessert! 

I hope you all got inspired to try this out. 
Now you don't need to worry about cheat meals because you've got a healthy mouthwatering dessert to crave on! 

Tag me on my Instagram and Hashtag #ChiomaBanksRecipes So I can see you've made out of my recipes. 

Have a lovely evening Guys!


Friday, October 13, 2017

How To Make A Whey Protein Banana Pancakes without Any Sugar Added!

Hello Lovelies!
Hope you Guys are all having a nice day irrespective of it being Friday the 13th.
For me, I'm just indoors, cleaning my apartment, took a break from it to make myself some dinner before continuing and then studying.
So, today's dinner was quite easy and simple but yet very delicious. 
I made Protein Banana Pancakes! ...YUM!! 
Very low calorie, and NO sugar extract!

Here is the recipe and procedures/ steps :- 


Take 2 scoops of wheat flour  into a bowl (depending on your consumption).


Add 2 scoops of Whey Protein. 
I used as usual my Optimum Nutritions Whey Gold Standard Vanilla Flavour.


Add a half glass of milk or Oat milk.


Add /Put 1 fresh egg.


Sprinkle 3 pinches of salt into your mixture.


Put a fresh banana into a blender add a little water to have a blend texture of the banana.


Then mix all this together, make sure they're well blended!


Then set your fry pan ready and heat up, then set it at a very low temperature so you don't burn your pancakes!


Then while you're making your pancakes, put your frozen berries into the microwave to defrost and warm it up, making it juicy!  
I used Raspberries and  Blueberries. 


When done making your pancakes, and placed on the plate, then you put your microwaved frozen berries on the pancakes, and there YOLO.... 
 You've made yourself a lovely protein pancake Darlings!
 You can decorate your plate a little extra if you want too with fruits like I did with the berries and sliced banana.

I hope you all got motivated on making your own health pancakes like mine!

Have a lovely evening and weekend ahead!


Monday, October 9, 2017

Things You Should Know When Starting A Healthy Lifestyle.

Good evening Lovelies!
I've gotten lots of requests to post about ''Starting a healthy lifestyle'' again. 
So, basically there isn't so much complicated about it, the most important things to consider will be listed below :-

Don't indulge yourself in combining healthy meals and junk foods because it'll put you right far away from getting the results of your labour at the gym.

 Regulate your workout sessions. Your regime should consist of different variations of workouts with intervals leading to breaks/rests from each after being executed /done. 

Try to cage your calorie intake but don't be over dramatic about it, especially if you're not going to participate in any Fitness Competitions. If you're trying to burn some fat,  you don't have to starve yourself because you're risking your body organs and when it reaches the stage of nutrients deficiency you're at the stage of getting a chronic illness. 

You don't have to start taking all the supplements in this world just to feel belong in the World of Fitness. 
When I started my fitness journey, the first 5 months, I ate only clean meals NO supplements, my supplement then was Double-Esspresso every morning before my workouts haha.
TRY to learn and understand your body first before indulging into them. 

Never put yourself in the position of comparing yourself to others in the fitness industry. One thing you'd remember is, no one was with muscles, not even Me, it's all hard work and dedication.
If you focus more on yourself, I promise you the sky will be your limit.
My home gym is considered the gym for Elites Athletes, that when I started working out there I was scared and a bit intimidated by the muscle men I saw, but one day I said to myself 'You Know What?!..I'm going to work hard and will never settle for the less.
I woke up every morning by 4:30am to get to the gym by 5:00am and workout my ass when the gym was more calm at that time, and that determination brought me to where I am today. 
So, I want you guys to have that in you, when you think you can't make it, that's when your body should take that bold step and say that you can make it regardless of what it'll take you.

Lastly stay positive to yourself, that's one thing that has kept me moving, even at the worst of situations I always keep a positive mind because I know that with a positive mindset comes fast and great solutions without stress!

I will stop here Lovelies! 
Hope I got to motivate you guys a bit this evening. Don't worry I'll post more about Fitness Lifestyle.


Friday, October 6, 2017

The Struggle Is Real

Welcome Back Banks'- Squad! 

Hope you all are doing great!?! .. For me I've been going through lots of challenges, but the storm will soon be over!
As most of you that I relocated to another city and within the space of 3 weeks after being in this new city and I relocated again to another city, which I feel is more for me mostly the program at this university I chose and the city which it's located at. 
Here's a little vlog at my new apartment. Hope you enjoy it!! 

I wish you all a lovely weekend! 


Wednesday, October 4, 2017

The Peak Of It All.


Hey Lovelies!
I know as always like I do say, you guys are wondering how things have been going for Me.
I'm in that stage of my life that I tend to face and solve my challenges according to my Knowledge,Strength and Positive Thinking. 
P.s  For those of you new to the YouTube channel, Blog, Twitter or Instagram, for the past 3months hasn't been the best of months (A week after my graduation, Broke one of my Rib-->Moving to another city up North (Alaska of Sweden) over 800km from my Hometown to further my studies --> Finding the program wasn't for Me, then moved down North-south to study a much self-deserving  program. 
BUT in between them all there were lots of challengess, because I was doing this all by myself, when living far apart from my family and friends! 
YES! I moved to this cities all alone, within the space of 1 month, when I moved here to this second city 'Carl-city' lived at a hotell for 1 week that was super expensive, until a real angel in my new program that I started studying at i.e my lovely classmate offered me to sleep over at her apartment for 8 days, super incredible and lovely lady, showed me around in the city, went out with other lovely classmates of ours to enjoy the rest of the evenings.
 It was Crazy and an amazing fun time! 
Two nights ago was my first night ever at my new apartment, I live on the 10th floor and the view is super cool! 
Meanwhile today, I continued my day 4 shopping spree at IKEA, got home fixed some stuff, when to school, had One-on-One examined seminars with Lecturers and one of them happens to be my university Vice-Chancellor before this examination I almost passed out hahaha! 
Being interviewed separately by these lectures regarding their books and lectures they've had 1 month before I started this program and I basically started 2 weeks ago, but I crushed it all and surpassed with flying colours, which  they admitted to and were amazed that I could answer their questions.

Now, I'm sitting in the Airport shuttle bus to the Airport on my way to my old apartment up North, because tomorrow a transport agency TNT will be at my doorstep tomorrow to take my properties and deliver them at my new apartment.

I hope you all have a lovely evening while I trying to relax a bit from this thing called stress haha!

Nighty!! NIGHTY!!!

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

What's Been Really Going ?

What's up?! What's up Lovelies!?! 

I know all of you have been wondering where have I been, and most of you who follows me on Instagram know a bit of what I've been up to lately.

Here's the gist, I relocated to another city in the northern part of my lovely country, Sweden due to studies last month, and the program I thought that was for me, turned up into something not close to my interest in life. And the city itself was nothing to be even talked about, it's considered the Alaska of Sweden, I almost went back into depression 101, but for God, I tried to occupy myself with the gym working out constantly after lectures & studies, and as well pray continuously. 

So, I changed to another bachelors program something related to Economics and social studies because that's what I studied before.  I moved back down towards Western-North Karlstad city close to my home city Gothenburg. 
I started immediately on Monday with attending lectures, I've an exam coming up next Wednesday and Thursday with a presentation, I know God is in control with all this. 

I'll make a full video of what I've been through this past 4 months, it hasn't been at all easy but I believed that God had his hands in this because the miracles that has been happening so far isn't man-made.

I'm so happy that I'm overcoming them gracefully, it's not an easy task relocating to two new cities within a month which you haven't been too before and know no one at all! 
Right now I'm lounging in a hotel until next week when I get the keys to my new apartment.

I'll keep all the details to be told in the video! 


Friday, August 25, 2017

One More Weekend To Go!

Hi Lovelies! 
As most of you already know, I'm moving to another city, and same as my lovely brother, whom I haven't lived far apart from, we're going to be 629,1 miles apart from each other! 

Yesterday, leaving his apartment and saying bye was the hardest thing ever, I couldn't help it but shed tears, same feeling when I saw my mum last and telling her bye was super hard.

Well, well!...I don't want to shed tears right now as I'm writing this, even though I'm this type that never show my emotions but I definitely can't hide this one..My Poker-Face can't hide this one!
I'm going to miss him and also our crazy lovely friends, our typical Sunday Traditions of Restaurant Hoe-ing hahaha! 
This funny ass jokes and so on!

Pictures above, were taken last Sunday, I went to the gym worked out with a very good male friend of mine, then met my bestfriend before I attended church service, afterwards Me and my brother met up with our lovely friends!
Here are more oldie pics! 
 I'm going to miss this laughter!❤️

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Latest on the channel!

What's up Banks' Squad! 😎❤️
I finally edited this video for you Lovelies while still in the process of relocating to another city. 

I hope you all enjoy this video!



Saturday, July 22, 2017

My Current Body Physique 'EXPLICIT' !!

 What's up Banks' Squad!
Today, I made a different video from what I usually do. 
I'm giving you darlings my supplements guide and tips on how to loose weight easily and also my current physique, since most of you know that I'm in my shredding season. 
Hope you enjoy this video!
More pictures will be up tomorrow, but first watch the video Darlings!




Friday, July 21, 2017

Best Gift Of The Day.

Hi Chi_Banks' Lovelies! 

Don't I have the best brother ever?! 

I got the KKW beauty Lipgloss Kit from my lovely brother yesterday! 

This dude is perfect at being secretive when buying gifts, I completely had NO clue about this and we even chatted  4 weeks ago about the KKW Beauty products when I ordered my KKW Beauty Contour Kits, not knowing that he was also in the queue online to buy me this product. 

I love ya to the Moon and Back! ❤️

Guys appreciate and cherish your siblings no matter the fights and arguments that occurs between you guys, it's common but the most important thing is having that respect for each and caring for each other! 

Here's a pic of my KKW Beauty Contour Kits I bought. 
Shade :- DARK. 

Here's the video review I made about the contour kit 👇🏽

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Smith Machine BOOTY PUMP workout.

Hi Lovelies! 
I've finally made this video for you guys,
I've been asked a lot for booty workouts using only the Smith machines and here it is lovelies!
                                                         Hope it motivates you!