Friday, 26 June 2020


Finally, Summer is here Guys!
But this year's summer hits differently because of the pandemic era of Covid-19; social-distancing, quarantining and extremely self-conscious of our acts.

Luckily for us in Sweden, there isn't a national lockdown whereby we can't go out although we can't travel. I view it as both a blessing and a course because the rate still increases rather than decreasing.πŸ‘€

Regatherless of that I'm grateful to God that I'm alive and have surpassed 6 months out of 12 months in this weird year called 2020. 
 So, I'm gradually going out but still scared. I've been to the beach once with my bf and that is it!... I don't want any Rona vibes because it's jam-packed everywhere, I still work out at the gym but have to extremely clean every damn machine I use. 
I know it is somewhat risky to be at the gym, but to keep my sanity clear & clean in this period, I need it. After my operation in March, I waited for weeks to work out and trust me, that wasn't the fun moment for me whilst working and studying. But I'm happy how this era brings forth deep thinkings and clarification of life through viewing from another perspective.

For me right now, I'm just trying to soak in everything around me by living life according to my own rules, enjoy every moment to the fullest, defining what peace is for me and genuinely giving zero F*s of what other presume life is and how life should be lived. At the end of the day, if we die, we ain't dying of the same cause, and won't die together, so whether your family, friend or partner wants to determine your life, Boo that's up to you to determine.

At this point in my life, fear is out of my dialogue, if your actions aren't good towards Me don't expect the same from me. I respect those who respect themselves and me, I ain't gonna fake it for likes or for some people to approve of me, I'll continue to speak my truth as raw it can be hahaπŸ˜‚  Scorpio vibes! πŸ¦‚♏

Okay back to this day, when we went to the beach, it was funny after putting my dress only for me to find out that I don't have any flat-heeled shoes out of over 100 pairs high-heels and trainers, not one single ballerina or sandals, that I had to wear a beach flipflops with the dress to a shopping mall to buy myself a suitable fancy flipflops (the green satin flipflops in the picture above)πŸ˜‚  
Then onwards, went to get some sushi that was meant to be eaten at the beach, it was really good only sushi lovers y'all can relate to thisπŸ’  Sunbathing whilst having your sushi behind is a groove, the only thing missing was a mobile speaker to play some music. 

The best part of the Swedish summer is when it is hot, it is HOoT!...  I can't complain at all😍

Outfit Details:

  1. Yellow DressC'BANKS COLLECTION  I'm wearing a size = Small (EU36).
  2. SunglassesC'BANKS
  3. Green Flipflops: H&M 
  4. Bikini: I've had for years can't recall where I bought it from 😫

As the weather is becoming hotter and hotter, I might start camping at the beach hahaha! That's a metaphor if know me, you know that an idea I avoidπŸ˜‚
That black part of me won't do that, I'm too black for that! LOLπŸ˜‚

Okay bye for now Darlings! 
I need to go take a cold rain forest shower! It's been 29° degrees and I've been cooking internally.πŸ˜…


Chioma Banks.


Monday, 22 June 2020


Hi Guys! 

I just uploaded a new workout video. Hope y'all enjoy it!😊


Sunday, 19 April 2020



Mesmerizing about last summer.

Last shopping spree before Rona's invasion. 

Happy Quarantine Sunday Lovelies!πŸ˜‚

I know most of you have been wondering where I've been. Don't worry I'm here, doing quite good after my operation which I had one month ago. Even though I might have another one coming but I'm good. 

Apart from that, I'm just trying to live an extremely incognito style which has been the most perfectly stress-free and blissful moment, as you all know I'm a Scorpio thus with a more social trait. But that doesn't mean I won't keep up being active, I will!... Although, just have other priorities to handle at the moment; two new ventures, school, continuos healthy-life.

I hope everyone is staying and keeping themselves safe from COVID-19. It's crazy how it's spread and continuously spreading. I remembered watching constantly CNN last December when it was still in Wuhan, China and most countries including governmental organizations ignoring it because they felt it wasn't in their premisses or geographical settings. Now, that perspective has been changed because it has become a pandemic that affects all realms; socio-economic growth, which puts the whole world in a freeze mode.

I give accolades to all the medics and health-care workers, they are doing an incredible job that is beyond measure.
The day I had my operation was actually the last day the city's hospital had their Operation Ward open for proceedings, and I know the extra extreme screenings and procedures they had to go through before my operation because they were wards treating COVID-19 patients in the same hospital. 
Although I wasn't afraid, I was only skeptical towards waking up from the Anesthetic, so weeks before I wrote down my will haha!!πŸ˜‚ The took hours and I had twice my heart pulses stop according to the 4 surgeons I had that day, but HEY! ... I'm alive and I thank God for that. 

So right now, I'm hoping for a greater continuation of life with this virus tormenting the earth. Make sure you all take spare time to meditate, catch up with friends by CALLING i.e NO physical meetup = social distancing, call your family to talk about things in general, make donations if possible to help others out.
I've been able to talk with family, & friends (long hours calls & chat) and even make unexpected calls to people I usually would have ignored but by looking at their situation and knowing that I can bring a smile upon them, I made the effort to bring that gesture with a smile, likewise donating to people in need. 

I apprehend you all, to make the same effort in the best way that you can!
Remember health before wealth, generosity & kindness is one of the components of dignity.  

Lastly, don't forget to WASH your HANDS & DISINFECT.
NO HUGS!!!... But you can BLOW KISSES!πŸ’‹


Don't forget to check out C'BANKS Collection.


Wednesday, 4 March 2020


Don't overstress yourself or worry too much.

Be careful with what you feed your mind with when it comes to news from different News forums/platforms.
Yes, Coronavirus is real, can be deadly but early steps of precautions can help with prevention.

It has spread globally. Thus, with higher rates in China (its origin) and the Middle-East.

Italy has even a high rate of possible and affected people with the virus in Europe.

These are the steps you should consider as an "obligatory" daily and an hourly regime of yours.

Good evening Lovelies!

I hope you guys are doing just great amid this world issue: Coronavirus going on?!

Today, I practically indoors planning and doing things, and I also had my apartment complex's caretaker come fix my fire-alarm because I hated the former position it was located at and also he helped me create holes for me to set-up certain art-work frames I own.

Let's get back to the topic of this post about this virus called Corona.

We all know where it originated from, and its' rapid spread. The only thing we can do is to take upon us the precaution proceedings towards prevention.

Such As:

  • Avoid contact with people: Hugs & Shaking Hands. Even avoid touching your eyes face when you're outside and when indoors if you're unsure of when you recently washed your hands. Do yourself a favour by washing them before touching anything.

  • Avoid touching public buttons: In buses, Trams & Trains. Either your key to press them if necessary or rather make sure you are wearing gloves. 

  • Carry with you Disinfectant in your bag: That is a basic obligatory necessity of mine: to always carry along disinfectant with me and disinfect my every 20-30mins. This you should be doing too. Ever since I was a kid, I always had disinfectant with me, because I don't trust people's hygiene. 

  • Go out when necessary: At this point, you should learn to stay indoors when less busy in order to avoid contamination. Use this medium to be with loved ones who are not infected.

  • Be open-minded when the news: Stop alluring yourself with certain propaganda about this virus. Get your facts through trusted News platform such as CNN, WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION (WHO), and your well trusted local News. This will help you reduce certainly fears you have.

  • Mind where you are traveling to: Right now, flight tickets are super cheap and these prices tend to allure people wanting to travel, and if you're a person who is not so hygienic, please don't travel. You put yourself and other peoples' lives at risk.

  • Don't point fingers at certain ethnic/race: Just because Coronavirus originates from China that doesn't give you the power to pour hatred another human. Yes, it may have originated from their country but the person you are throwing that racial hate isn't the cause of the virus and that hate speech or words, actions being thrown towards them can greatly affect them mentally. So, be watchful about your actions and the words that comes out of your mouth.

  • Clean every machine before & after you at the gym: Before using a gym's equipment, make sure you clean before using it and also clean it after using it, before leaving that station. Afterward,  disinfect your hands constantly whilst in the gym too.

  • Wash your hands regularly: These of washing your hands (in the picture I posted above) are the steps you should consider as an "obligatory" daily and an hourly regime of yours.

Guys, I hope with this you step up your game with it comes to personal hygiene and prevention methods from being infected by this virus.

Have a lovely evening!



Tuesday, 3 March 2020


The dinner outfit after the Spa Treatment last Saturday. 

A Corset-top & Black detail Denim.

Alcohol-Free Passion Fruit Mojito.

Shellfish soup: Mussels & Cockles shellfishes with carrots. (My second favorite).

Tunafish salad & Shrimp appetizers. 

My all-time favorite: Shrimps bowl.

Eating my shrimps with love, that love for season-food hahaπŸ˜‚
There is a video of me eating this, and it super funny, I'll upload it later on my Instagram page.

After dinner restroom selfie.

Behind the scenes.

Back home exhausted look but happy inside.

That look when you know it's time to remove them heels LOL!!

I tried taking a portrait with a timer = blurry pic haha!

Okay, this was much better.

This was better actually but look behind πŸ˜‚ my unpacked travel bag from last week. The following day I fixed it, you know I got OCD with cleanliness and coordination. 

Hairs up: Time to take a shower. 

One last selfie you know 😝

After shower snack before I head to bed. 

Happy Tuesday guys hope y'all started this week with a positive mental approach. 
I try to always speak and proclaim positivity into every week that I'm privileged to see and live by. 

Today I received amazing news on something I've been working on for the past 3 months and I'm super grateful for the outcome. Thus, there is more to come with the faith I have and the Grace of God that strengthens me, I inform you all about it in the due time. But for now, let's get back to last weekend.

The Look: 
I promised to give you the detailed info about this look because sharing is caring, and it's great when we all win and not fight against each other, it doesn't condone humanity.

  • Top: The Corset Top I bought some years ago from H&M Premium Quality limited Collection.
  • Jean: Black jeans I bought at a Scandinavian clothing boutique called GINA TRICOT.
  • Fur Jacket: Bought at Zara.
  • Shoe: Bought at a Scandinavian clothing complex Nordiska Kompaniet (NK). Brand: Acne Studios.
  • Makeup: Lips; KKW Beauty, Foundation & Concealer; LancΓ΄me &  Christian Dior. Eyeshadow: Morphe Autumn eyeshadow palette.
  • HairSchwarzkopf got2b glued blasting freeze spray & coconut oil to achieve that wet wavy look.

It took me max 30mins to get prepare; get dressed, hair & makeup, because nobody got time for overloads of makeup with hours being spent that can be put into other creative innovations. 

I hope I answered your questions regarding this look. I'd make a video on recreating this look, but for now, I made an interesting video earlier today that is very knowledgeable that everybody can learn from and apply it to their plan on achieving it.
I'd edit it later on this week before uploading it later( haven't fixed a date yet to publish) but will notify you in time about it.

I wish you all a splendid evening and continue to spread positivity because life is too short to be caring around grudges.



Sunday, 1 March 2020




Happy New Month & Sunday Lovelies!
I hope y'all are doing just great!

This weekend I decided to just take my time to relax and just have a me-time by visiting the spa immediately I woke up first thing on Saturday for Four hours.

What does the spa offer?

Well, they had lots of relaxing sections: 
  1. Outdoor jacuzzi, 
  2. Indoor jacuzzi with relaxing aromas (scented), 
  3. Sun-room, 
  4. swimming pools,
  5. Ice Bath,
  6. Sauna, 
  7. 60°c Sauna session with an instructor,
  8. Rain forest shower with different aromas,
  9. Hot-Stone room where you lay on it (as seen in one of the pictures above), 
  10. swimming pools.

This was my favorite:

  • The Sauna session with the instructor was good, we had different aromas: lavender, mint & white rose. People left that session because it was super hot, but your girl here loves it! πŸ˜‚
  • I also did love the outdoor jacuzzi it was really chillaxing. 
  • I did like the rain forest shower with a rose aroma. Thus the ice bath I didn't even dare go to that session haha. 
  • Lastly, I loved the hot stone session. I almost slept off, like really deep sleep. It was just amazing.


I took a cool bath and shower and headed home to prepare for a dinner date I had at my favorite restaurant you guys already know about. 

Thus I had to quickly branch into a grocery store to get some coffee because there was a special offer on one of my favorite coffee (only coffee addicts would understand).

Once I got home, I took another shower again because I love HOoT showers πŸ™ˆ
Afterward, I did my hair and makeup within 30mins and headed out. 
Most of you bombarded my DMs, and messager wanting to know how I achieved the "wet hair look"
and makeup and also my shredding season tips (on how to lose weight) and I promised that I'd make that post but shredding tips would be a Youtube video I'm going to make.

In the next post I give further details on achieving certain things you requested for. Thus, for now, I've to continue to enjoy the last hours of this week before this new week start. As I'm getting older I take my weekends very seriously, so no business during the weekends because: "I CAN'T COME & KILL MYSELF". Hahaha if you know that song, then you're a G, my friend. 

Until then lovelies, I wish you all an amazing week ahead & don't forget to spread peace and love around the vicinity you find yourself in.