Wednesday, 12 October 2022

Couldn't Ask For a More Calm Date

Happy Midweek Lovelies! 

It is so surreal that we are already in the midweek, though it has been blissful.
I had my dad visit me last night, and I made an impromptu dinner. 

I do love hosting my guests whenever they visit although I always plan ahead, this time it was a different timing.

Due to the fact that my dad called to check if I was back home from work and luckily I had just arrived so he came by. He hasn't been to my place for months even though we are practically neighbours, he lives a few minutes away from me, as well as my brother. But barely see each but make sure to call & check up on one another, which is essential. 

However, when Pop (my dad) came over, my man was in awe as he always is when he comes to my apartment on the level of its organisation & aesthetic. That is OCD hahašŸ¤£
To the extent he went around my apartment, mind you, he has been here a couple of times and does the exact same thing. Then he opened my fridge which is a family thing that we always say; "you know the extent of one's cleanness through their fridge cleanness & organisation lol". So dad did the same check on me hahaha! 

Afterwards, we had some Nespresso coffee whilst discussing politics & he got to try the new flavour I bought on Monday, which he did like.  Then, later on, he had himself an Irish Whiskey while watching a Nigerian movie on Netflix but I couldn't drink with him because I had a class to coach at the gym. 
Instead, I decided to cook an impromptu dinner which was so delicious! 
I made Fried-rice with grilled chickenšŸ¤¤
The preparation took exactly 40mins & dinner got served with flavoured sodawater(strawberry flavoured).  Dad was impressed & did enjoy it twice haha!

After dinner, I had to quickly prepare for the workout session whilst dad continued watching his movie & later we headed out. 
Coaching the class was quite fun as always and meeting up with some friends & colleagues there was another highlight of my evening before heading home to finally relax by taking a shower & read a couple chapters in a book that I'm currently reading(I will give a review of this book later).  Then read a bible verse before praying & dozing off.

Nevertheless, it has been a blissful day. I hope you get to experience it (blissfulness) too. 
Have a blessed day!
O'C Banks.

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