Thursday, 21 April 2022

The Most Awaited Spring/Summer Weather is Here.

When I came out to do the grocery, I was shocked by the weather.
When I quickly came back home.
Offloaded the first batch of the grocery shopping.
The fridge needed its refill for my daily consumption.
Started washing my fruits; Apples, Oranges, Lemon, & Strawberries.
Clean & Ready.

I needed this break.
Rinsed off the salt in the peanuts and air-fried it.
The final result.
Remember; Before.

Sodastream is a must for me & ofc the wine.

My second fridge for vegetables & peelable skin fruits.


Hi Guys!
I hope you all are doing great and finally ready to enjoy a great summer without the stress of the Covid-19 restrictions?! It really feels amazing (from my perspective) to be able to freely move around and not wear a mask or be in fear of being caught up with covid-19 again.

However, back to today's fantastic weather, I was in awe of it!  Imagine 5 days ago we had -1°C and now we have a  +19°C it felt like a dream. Nevertheless, I made sure to utilise being out in the warm breezy weather by taking walks to the various grocery stores that I visited today and whilst doing my errands I did listen to some podcasts. It was relieving. 

It is quite funny, I don't know if you all experience this, especially if you are super organised like I am, that you plan to visit one or two stores, but you end up visiting 4 more because you felt like using one stone to stone many birds hehe! Well, that was me today. 
I did get the majority of what I wanted but not all because they were sold out, although I was told to visit tomorrow because they are yet to receive a restock delivery.

I came back home on 3 consecutive occasions because your girl here is not about that stressful life this year to carry bags around. Gone are those days were I would want to do all things through Christ who strengthens me but today's price isn't the same as yesterday, we apply more self prioritization first. 

When I finally came back home I wanted to cry when I realised I have to wash the fruits and unpack. 'Nothing comes easy in life' they say.
Luckily, on the previous home visits I did, I immediately did some offloading because they (food items) are meant to be in the freezer, such as my favourite Ben & Jerry ice cream haha and some frozen chickens and vegetables.

As you saw in the pictures above I wash the organic fruits with my fruit brush and the peanuts I rinse the salt off because I passionately hate salted peanuts coupled with the awareness of the excess sodium, Nope!... I'm good love. 
After rinsing it I roast it again for a few minutes in the air-fryer and it becomes edible for me.

You need to try this method if you don't like salted peanuts.

And if you ever try it, please do not hesitate to share your review with me.

Have a lovely evening! 


 Olivia C. Banks