Sunday, 10 January 2021

Get Ready With Me

Sunday, 3 January 2021

My NYE Celebration

The wine served with the dessert πŸ˜‹

If you listened to my podcast then you understand the picture above: The welcome champagne to the guests vs the champagne intend to open during countdown into the new year, that was mistakenly served as the welcome champagne.

The next day I dulged into this cake again haha!

My Podcast's first episode is now live on all platforms. I shared the link below.

Hi, Lovelies!
Happy New Year! 
I hope you all have been staying safe and healthy regardless of the ongoing pandemic. 

This New Year's Eve (NYE) celebration was one that I had to really rejoice along with, that 2020 aka 'the most catastrophic year' is finally over after being dealt with. However, the most important thing is, that my family is very much healthy and alive, all thanks to God!... Which can never be taken for granted. 

You should listen to my podcast to hear my reflection of the past year and other interesting and funny topics I touched on.

Back to the NYE celebration, the second dining table was decorated by my brother, it was really beautiful. It took two days to fix it and was planned for months as usual.
On everybody's chair, a gift was given. Mine this year was a wooden cosmetic-box, some got digital alarm clocks etc. 

Then the meal, you know that I am a foodie haha!

It was a 3-course meal; 
shrimp appetizer, the main course smashed potatoes and chanterelle mushrooms with a fillet of beef, and then dessert was cheesecake served a 42-year-old wineπŸ˜‹

Later on, the New Year was ushered in with screams, corona free hugs haha and phone calls.

Then played games whilst some were blasting the music, dancing and screaming and also blowing the vuvuzelas haha!

My old soul went to sleep after a couple of hours which was quite difficult with the music blasting in the house but I zoned into my own world of dreams which then blocked the noises haha. πŸ˜‚

The next day was cleaning day and holy moly those glitters were difficult to remove from the floor even the vacuum couldn't remove about 20%, so this year it wouldn't be put in the list again I guess. 

So after cleaning, I indulged into the cheesecake again because damn!.. It was incredibly delicious, the bakers did a great job on that. 

Later, in the evening I recorded the podcast, which I will be linking at the end of the post.
It was really fun to do, even though I always been sceptical about making but I had to do it for my folks who have been pestering me to do it. Even when I announced, I got some peeps asking me if I will make a fitness-related podcast, and I said yes. Haha, I will let you all know when it is ready and available to listen to. 

Thusly,  it will be amazing with the guests I will be hosting on my podcast, so stay tuned. 

Until then Guys, I have to rest my fingers from typing and my back from the monthly menstrual period who visited me today unexpectedly, but I have no choice but to host her for the next couple of days!πŸ˜‚

Here are the links to my podcast:





Have a lovely weekend and an amazing start of the year!