Wednesday, 29 July 2020


On my way to the hospital. I took this picture around 6:00AM.

It got brighter later on, whilst we were on our way.

When I arrived at the operation. 

When I changed into surgery clothe.

When I woke up from anesthesia.

I was being shielded after the operation

Spotted a rainbow when I got home from the hospital, it was a good spiritual sign.
Never as a rainbow appeared at my window, this was so magical.

I tried to make a chicken veggie soup yesterday but it worsened the pain.

More medication, as well as painkillers (ibuprofen, morphine  & morphine), and I had to pick up today after the regional chief-surgeon prescribed them to

Happy Tuesday Lovelies! 

Hope you all are doing great?!

As you can see by the title, you know my state of well-being... I had a second operation. If you all remember in my last post, I talked about the first surgery I had back in March.
So, the approach of the first operation that was done by two surgeons and tons of medications but still it didn't help and the pains worsened. Which led to an emergency operation and was luckily done by the regional chief-surgeon. That's how severe it was, knowing that over 50,000 people in Sweden who had a scheduled operation are now on a postponed waiting-list due to the pandemic because the medics have to prioritize cancer patients and other chronic/severe cases. I got to be part of those who got prioritized, which I'm super grateful to God. 

Like they say, the strong ones are often the ones who have battles they handle in silence, and this has really given another insight with life. That level can never be unmatched. 

Back to this operation day, I had it exactly one week ago (last Tuesday), I had it in another regional hospital due to the capacity of the major regional hospital being filled up with Covid-19 patients, pre- and post-operation patients. I had to wake up by 5:00AM to prepare and trust me, that consisted of mere anxiety. 
It was an hour drive there, spoke with the chief narcotic doctor, and the regional chief-surgeon before the operation. It went good but took longer than expected and woke up happy to be live again.
Then, came the pain when I got back home went from level 100 to 1 million, can't describe it, endless bleeding up to today but hopefully, all will be well.

The nurses have been so good by calling to check up on me, and even today the regional chief-surgeon called to check up on me and got more painkillers to subdue this hell of a pain. 
At this point, I can get up to the bathroom to brush my teeth with the help of the morphine and other painkillers and can't even stand to shower, I have a chair to sit on while showering. Whilst I have to lay in bed for weeks but I'm so grateful for my loved ones. 
With the long hours talking...My dad and mum continuously calling to check up on me, which is funny because my dad speaks on important things regarding politics, society, and sport. Whilst with my mum,  is more of women things, fun-talks, prayer, and reflection on childhood memories. With my friends, you know what it is๐Ÿ˜‚  Just appreciative of your support.
Right now, I'm studying two summer courses on distance: Gothenburg university in Sweden, where once achieved I become a consultant in Sustainability and the other is Harvard University studying the American justice system and the US Public Policy.

This summer is pretty hectic, and painful but I visioned it before it came,  which is quite creepy that I see things before they happen but I've learned to embrace that part since I was a kid. That is why I don't trust some people because I sense their fakeness before they even reveal it. 

Okay, Guys!... I'm done writing, it takes a lot of energy to do so. 


Chioma Banks.