Wednesday, 4 March 2020


Don't overstress yourself or worry too much.

Be careful with what you feed your mind with when it comes to news from different News forums/platforms.
Yes, Coronavirus is real, can be deadly but early steps of precautions can help with prevention.

It has spread globally. Thus, with higher rates in China (its origin) and the Middle-East.

Italy has even a high rate of possible and affected people with the virus in Europe.

These are the steps you should consider as an "obligatory" daily and an hourly regime of yours.

Good evening Lovelies!

I hope you guys are doing just great amid this world issue: Coronavirus going on?!

Today, I practically indoors planning and doing things, and I also had my apartment complex's caretaker come fix my fire-alarm because I hated the former position it was located at and also he helped me create holes for me to set-up certain art-work frames I own.

Let's get back to the topic of this post about this virus called Corona.

We all know where it originated from, and its' rapid spread. The only thing we can do is to take upon us the precaution proceedings towards prevention.

Such As:

  • Avoid contact with people: Hugs & Shaking Hands. Even avoid touching your eyes face when you're outside and when indoors if you're unsure of when you recently washed your hands. Do yourself a favour by washing them before touching anything.

  • Avoid touching public buttons: In buses, Trams & Trains. Either your key to press them if necessary or rather make sure you are wearing gloves. 

  • Carry with you Disinfectant in your bag: That is a basic obligatory necessity of mine: to always carry along disinfectant with me and disinfect my every 20-30mins. This you should be doing too. Ever since I was a kid, I always had disinfectant with me, because I don't trust people's hygiene. 

  • Go out when necessary: At this point, you should learn to stay indoors when less busy in order to avoid contamination. Use this medium to be with loved ones who are not infected.

  • Be open-minded when the news: Stop alluring yourself with certain propaganda about this virus. Get your facts through trusted News platform such as CNN, WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION (WHO), and your well trusted local News. This will help you reduce certainly fears you have.

  • Mind where you are traveling to: Right now, flight tickets are super cheap and these prices tend to allure people wanting to travel, and if you're a person who is not so hygienic, please don't travel. You put yourself and other peoples' lives at risk.

  • Don't point fingers at certain ethnic/race: Just because Coronavirus originates from China that doesn't give you the power to pour hatred another human. Yes, it may have originated from their country but the person you are throwing that racial hate isn't the cause of the virus and that hate speech or words, actions being thrown towards them can greatly affect them mentally. So, be watchful about your actions and the words that comes out of your mouth.

  • Clean every machine before & after you at the gym: Before using a gym's equipment, make sure you clean before using it and also clean it after using it, before leaving that station. Afterward,  disinfect your hands constantly whilst in the gym too.

  • Wash your hands regularly: These of washing your hands (in the picture I posted above) are the steps you should consider as an "obligatory" daily and an hourly regime of yours.

Guys, I hope with this you step up your game with it comes to personal hygiene and prevention methods from being infected by this virus.

Have a lovely evening!



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