Thursday, 28 November 2019


Happy Thanksgiving lovelies!

Thus, I give thanks to God on a daily basis.

Today is an extremely special day to give extra thanks & appreciation to Him, for all He has done; Health, Wealth, Family, Work, School & Friends.

Having a roof over your head should give you some sense of appreciation to God, because what you have as daily necessities, someone, somewhere can’t afford it.

So be grateful for what you have, and be kind!💕🥰 

I wish I was home with the fam, but everyone is busy somewhere. 
So I'm here today fixing last-minute things; baking Oats blueberry-banana bread(Gluten-Free),  buying Christmas gifts, editing a video, preparing for C'BANKS Collection's Black Friday tomorrow whilst writing the special links and codes from other brands I collab with, their offers to you. And all of them are coming out today.

Until then lovelies!... Stay hydrated & positive. 

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