Sunday, 1 September 2019



Happy New Month Darlings!

Finally but sadly Autumn is here, and why I denoted it as 'sadly' is because that means Winter is soon around the corner but as for 'finally', I get to wear some Cozy & Comfy jackets.

Thus, I'm just ready to be done with the year 2019 and start a New year with plans, plans & plans!! haha🤣

Back to the topic of this post, my chill mode was to meal-prep, dance my ass off whilst facing the mirror haha!!.. Then edited the latest video that is LIVE on my YouTube channel.  Although I went out this past Friday night. 

OH! P.S: Make sure you watch the video! 

Right now I'm making (writing down) a recipe list of my 24hr marinated chicken with white-wine, to give out to most of you who wanted the recipe. Don't worry, I got ya back!!

For now, I need to watch me some Netflix & Eat after doing some shopping at IKEA today, which I put up on my IG Stories was some funny sh*t that happened to me. But I'll keep that for the next post hahaha!!🤣

Goodnight & Have a Great week ahead!