Thursday, 29 August 2019

My Current Physique

Went to do some little shopping.

Just because I love selfie.

Today's dinner: Mixed veggies, Oven grilled chicken & 80g rice.

Getting Ready to do my facials, blog and then head to bed to doze off.

Hi Darlings! 

Hope y'all are enjoying this last week of summer?!
Can Summer 2020 just come 😭 hahaha!!! 🤣

This Summer was actually my calmest Summer, I didn't party that much because I'm in my shredding season (where I lose weight) which is roughly about 20weeks of an extremely healthy-strict diet  & super intense workouts. 
I started my shredding season on the 3rd of June 2019 and I'm on my 13th week this week & so far 
I've lost -16.4 kg.
Some of you saw the super crazy workouts and meals I had during the summer on my IG and requested I make a video, which I promised to do. 
But pardon me that it hasn't been filmed yet because it's going to be a long video for sure. Thus full of detailed content for a great use for you.
So get your pen & notebook ready when it comes out next month; September. 

For now, here are pictures I took today although the first picture was taken yesterday.


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