Saturday, 17 August 2019


Happy Saturday my Babes &  Gents!

This morning, I woke up feeling exhausted for no reason or cause, then I decided to go into my Twitter to get me in the mood. 
When I mean the 'mood', I mean crazy-ass funny sh*t, and that is #BlackTwitter but this time I was more specific in what I was looking for, which was the topic of the AfroNation festival that happened two weeks ago in Portugal.
Babes, it's MAAD!!.. I mean the stories from our babes had there including dudes!... Everyone there was on their HOOooT Summer things!!

Thanks to #Oloni the queen of sex talk (she's a sex educationist), people sent her their stories for her to share anonymously, which she did. 
I literally laughed out off my bed this morning reading the stories, still laughing whilst drinking my morning coffee hahaha! 😂

Ladies & Dudes were wilding and spreading their nets as much as possible they could. The funniest part was the couples who were wilding behind each other backs like 'two can play that game' sort of thing. 
Then, my single sisters that tasted different types of coffee the same day, you guys ZAMN!!!  
Hahaha, this is a kind of OCEAN 13 type of thing in 2019. 😂

Everyone has the best time of their life during the summertime but the people who attended AfroNation definitely topped it all! ... I'm still reading stories because #Oloni is still uploading them as people send in their stories to her, for her to share to us anonymously.

People who didn't attend now wants to attend AfroNation next year after reading these stories LOL!!! ... No one wants to be left out hahaha! And also there is an upcoming AfroNation festival this December in Ghana, I'd like to see the stories that will come out from that one too! 😂

P.S: AfroNation is one of the biggest festivals in Europe, with thousands of attendees and artistes like Burna Boy, Davido, Wizkid, Tiwa Savage all performed this year, so you can imagine. 

If you want to read the stories, go follow the trend on Twitter on Oloni's page or her on IG stories. Just type her name on the search box. 
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Okay, let me go back into continue reading these funny ass stories. 
Bye for now!!


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