Sunday, 19 November 2017

What Happened On My Birthday.

Hi Banks' Squad! 

Hope you all are still having an amazing weekend so far?!

For Me, it's been a blast and just a cool weekend.
This pasted Friday was my birthday, and I decided not to have any B-day Party like I've done now for some years in a row, I just wanted to enjoy it peacefully without stress of planning things. 
I spent it with some of my very close friends, none of my family members are around at the moment but of course got tons of calls and messages from everyone and my lovely cousins from the U.S and U.K. 
The first person who called me was my darling Mum as early as 05:45AM,
it's been a tradition of hers to be the first to wish her kids a Happy Birthday, which I really appreciate. But I'm always a bit grumpy when someone wakes me up hahaha! 

I went on a Birthday lunch date with a male friend of mine, then met up with other friends in town. We went for some shopping and then I bought my brother his present a Chanel product I hope he's gonna like it, because it ain't cheap haha! 
Then afterwards, walking down the walking street we found out, Chanel opened their boutique in our city this pasted Friday, because I normally buy my Chanel products either when abroad or  in  this Scandinavia well prestige retailer of all the top brands NK. 
So, when I went in amazed with what they had to offer but sadly enough they don't sell bags there. 
And one of the staffs, recognised me because I always bought things from him when he worked at a Mac Cosmetic Store haha! 
So, they asked me what I was doing in town, super snatched lol, then I told them it was my Birthday, and they told me to wait because they had a gift for me, and got this lovely gift from them; a Lipstick, Fragrance and volume Mascara.

Later that evening, I went to the club with my best friend, a friend of my was a DJ there and put my bff on the list so we got in freely without any stress or fee, and we danced all night long until me and my bff legs started to hurt because we had heels on, I was lucky I had an extra pair of sneakers to change but my best friend forgot hers haha! 

Then we went to McDonalds to get a cheeseburger and bottle of water, and that was it, and I got home at 03:00AM and slept throughout my Saturday haha! 

Now, I uploaded a new workout video on my YouTube Channel this morning and I cleaned the house, took my shower and went to town to go buy some winter shoes because it started snowing today, then later this I attend church service, then had dinner at an English restaurant, ordered our standard English meal LOL Fish & Chips and now I'm sitting on the train heading back to school. 

So far so good, I really loved the way I changed my statics of celebrating my birthday and I just want to take this medium to thank you all who took their time to call me, send text messages, 
send Fb messages and wrote on my Facebook wall yesterday, little things like this makes me appreciate life in general and pray to live longer so I can spend the rest of my life with people who truly care for me!

                                                                Cheers lovelies! 🥂

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