Wednesday, 20 September 2017

What's Been Really Going ?

What's up?! What's up Lovelies!?! 

I know all of you have been wondering where have I been, and most of you who follows me on Instagram know a bit of what I've been up to lately.

Here's the gist, I relocated to another city in the northern part of my lovely country, Sweden due to studies last month, and the program I thought that was for me, turned up into something not close to my interest in life. And the city itself was nothing to be even talked about, it's considered the Alaska of Sweden, I almost went back into depression 101, but for God, I tried to occupy myself with the gym working out constantly after lectures & studies, and as well pray continuously. 

So, I changed to another bachelors program something related to Economics and social studies because that's what I studied before.  I moved back down towards Western-North Karlstad city close to my home city Gothenburg. 
I started immediately on Monday with attending lectures, I've an exam coming up next Wednesday and Thursday with a presentation, I know God is in control with all this. 

I'll make a full video of what I've been through this past 4 months, it hasn't been at all easy but I believed that God had his hands in this because the miracles that has been happening so far isn't man-made.

I'm so happy that I'm overcoming them gracefully, it's not an easy task relocating to two new cities within a month which you haven't been too before and know no one at all! 
Right now I'm lounging in a hotel until next week when I get the keys to my new apartment.

I'll keep all the details to be told in the video!