Friday, 9 June 2017

KFC Lovers!

Hi Lovelies! 
So I've finally graduated (this pasted Wednesday) and now resting and getting fully refreshed after weeks of stress!

Yesterday's while I was just chilling in my bed after sleeping for approx. 13hours, I decided to check my email to see I've any meeting/appointments. 

Then I saw I got an invitation for food tasting today (9th of June) from KFC Sweden to come try out their new restaurant's meal in my city which is opening on the 13th of this month.
It was all expense paid. 

Well I love my food and mostly protein gains! 
So I couldn't resist that, and I went.

It was definitely delicious and tasty, but as you all know I'm all about the fitness life!... 
So, I can't it that on a daily basis, it'll only be once in a 'Blue Moon' during my cheat meal days I'll be heading there for some extra calories haha!

To my Swedish folks, make sure you're there on their opening ceremony day, because they'll be giving out 1 year free food card to the first 10 people who are in the queue!
Don't forget 13th of June.. SAVE THE DATE! 

Okay Lovelies!... I wish all a Lovely weekend! 
Be kind to one another! 


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