Wednesday, 14 June 2017

I Did My Best.

Hi Lovelies!
Sorry for the late update!... I've been quite busy today(now yesterday in Sweden) but not busy to forget you all, I had you in my thoughts. 
My day hasn't been the best of days but I'm grateful to God who allowed me see this very day and conquered it in the best way I could today.

I woke up late due to chatting late night helping out an Instagram follower, from Australia, on her personal workout and diet plan. 
But I made sure I went to the gym, there isn't an excuse that would make me miss hitting the gym. 
I also worked today at my second job, you know, I'm a workaholic, afterwards I went to the gym again for my second session workout, before I went for some grocery shopping and then headed home. 
Now, I'm chilling in bed, listening to Future's latest album track, and planning my tomorrow.
Oh that reminds me Lovelies! ..A lot of you have requested me blogging about healthy meals and the basic good info to know about when wanting to live up to the healthy lifestyle.
I'll surely do that, because the request has increased in surplus, so I'll do my best to inform you well. 

For now,  the pictures above were taken before workout and one after my last workout session at the gym, I did my Booty workout in the morning & Legs later in the evening, and the last picture was my lunch at work, which consisted of highly enriched protein & vitamins  veggie mixed salad. This is basically what I eat every lunch👅

Now, I'm try finish up with planning stuff and head to bed, in order to get re-energised and feel refreshed for the gym again. 

Have a lovely night Loves!


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