Sunday, 28 May 2017

Preparation for This Special Day Pt. 1

Happy Sunday Lovelies!

I can't believe this special event has got passed 1 week, I still have flashbacks, still can't over it!

Oh how I wish I could draw back the Time-line with a Time Machine­čśô

Well anyways, it was an amazing day to last an eternity in memory. 

The beginning of that day started with stress, because I didn't wake up at the planned time (I forgot to set my alarm on).  If you know me, I'm a very organised person, I plan my 24 hours
 accordingly from Gym, School, Work, Social-Media business plans /meetings and Free time to hang out with friends.

So, when I woke up, I arranged my room, organised my bags; one to the gym and the second to lounge into the hotel where the event was taking place, but I came back home after working out to switch bags and head to the hotel.

I was about 10minutes late to my check-in time into the hotel due to traffic and then I got this rare panic that I wasn't going to be done with my Hair and Makeup.
But I nailed it, my hair took me approx. 1 hour to style, and then my Makeup took me exactly 30 minutes!✅

I did a natural makeup look with smokey eyes.
The brands of MakeuP I used were :- 

Christian Dior.





Here's a glimpse of how my hotel room looked liked that costed me $180 for one night, I almost cried haha!
Hotel rooms don't come cheap like in the U.K  or States, but it definitely saved me after a long night of partying!

More photos will be up on the blog soon.

Have a lovely Sunday guys! 


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