Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Why Is This Happening Now!

Hey Lovelies!

Let's talk about this Dating and Relationship stuff!

I've been in a long term relationships a couple of times (3 to be precise).

2016, I choose to be single and just focus on my health and lifestyle in general.

This year, I had that same thought of continuing the same from the previous year 2016, but then I was like let me see what the dating world has in package and give it a try.

Then I got back my Tinder app on my phone, matched with a couple of dudes but never had the guts to write back, I'm a bit cold when it comes to this dating apps. 
And quite hard to be pleased by guys because I basically have everything and my income.

So, later on there's this guy I once matched with had like a 5mins chat with before I removed the app, but then got each others IG profiles (Instagram),  chatted a bit there too but gave up on chatting.

One day, I went through his IG page and mistakenly liked a picture of his, then he contacted me, we then exchange phone numbers.

This dude called me every single day, talked for about 3-4hours a day or more. 
 This went on for weeks and then said he wanted to come visit me in my city, have dinner together then go back to his home city, but I was working that weekend and I told him. 

Then he asked if I could come to his city, this was the first time meeting him, and I was sick down with eye-inflammation. When I arrived he immediately helped me put eye drop medication into my eyes. 
We spent the weekend together, everything seemed to be going perfectly well, that I myself couldn't believe this is happening.

This pasted weekend I went over to his place,  had lovely stay, but noticed he still had Tinder and I removed mine right in front of him, because I felt it's disrespectful to be using it while actually seeing someone whom we don't know what the next step maybe. 

Sunday when I came, I sent him a message I was back in my city and goodnight, then he replied goodnight. 
Next day, I sent him a good morning message which he always does towards me, He didn't reply I waited for 24hours and this guy is always with his phone 24/7 just like me. 
Then I texted him in Swedish, ''It's weird that I text him he doesn't reply 24hrs but can spare time to chat with his friends''

He still didn't reply, but was always checking my My stories on IG. 
Next day, I text him to know how he was doing, then after 6 hours I called 3 times, he hanged up.  But called with another number and he picked. 

Out of anger, I told him, how I felt, him misbehaving and acting out like a kid.

Then he replied saying, I think we should end our dating/cutting period, and my mum is in the hospital. 

We all know that is all framed up.  So I told him ''Hope your mother dies so you learn how to treat women next time''

Then he replied immediately and barking out that he wouldn't lie about that. 

I question myself again why did I fall for this again! 

 I was just lively my life perfectly in peace, had both my job, fitness life and school and then came this educated FuckBoy into my life with his 5mins of fame of love procrastination. 

Now, letting me end up an emotional instability. 
Where did I go wrong in being nice, friendly and open to people.

The struggle of being a good woman in an era that carters to a bad bitch?!

I'd rather be proud of being the woman I am with class, education, morals and self respect than belittling myself to a basic b***h just for another FuckBoy to approve of me.

I'm totally DONE with the dating world. 
If love wants to come to me, let the will of God approve it if not I'm going to stress myself for another dude.


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