Thursday, 9 March 2017

A Special Day!

 Happy Women's Day to all women, transsexuals , and feminists!

This day, should you pamper and give yourself an applaud for all your accomplishments, because trust Me, most men can't handle everything we ladies handle on daily basis! 

I grew up with my single mother since I was 3 years old, and BIG RESPECT to her who nurtured me and my brother in the best way she could.
Her labour / hard work reflects/ portrays a good virtue on us which is obviously seen on me and my sibling;
We're extremely God fearing, hardworking, ambitious, intelligent, friendly, respectful, generous but most importantly she her constant possession of love towards us is the greatest and most important to me. 

She proved that women can single handedly take care of their kids with a career by the side and income for the house without depending on any man to give her any fortune. 

If not for a mother like her, I wouldn't be here and be the person I am today. At a young age of mine I'm proud to be a strong, bold, independent, intelligent, beautiful and graced with charisma because I got that uniqueness from my mama! ❤

Happy women's day to all my ladies out there, more grace to your elbow!💪🏽🔥❤

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