Thursday, 23 February 2017

Throw Back Thursday

Happy Throw Back Thursday #TBT.
I just wanted to motivate you all lovelies. Never underestimate the level of your strength.
I vividly remember when I started, I was purely insecure of myself.
But I never allowed all those insecurities to stop me from developing my strength in weight lifting. 

2016, was the year I mostly got my shit together, got more focused and determine with my daily workouts. 
And I'm so proud of my amazing transformation. 
Feel proud, happy with my self and have regained an amazing boost of more self-confidence.

My mission with my fitness life is to develop and advance to the better version of myself until the day I leave planet Earth.
And will also love to continue to help others reach their goals, because life is about loving and helping one another. And I want to leave my footprints on the sand of time
        and know there was something that I left behind when I leave this world, and I'll leave with no regrets that I didn't help in making a world a better place and for also others whom I've helped won't                                                                             forget. 

 It's a great pleasure to help you lovelies! 
Don't hesitate to send me an email regarding your Workout & Diet plans scheduled personally for your body. 

Email :-

Comment below with questions of things you'd like to be helped with. 

Have a lovely night rest! 


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