Thursday, 5 January 2017

How My Fitness Lifestyle Started.

Hi Guys! 
Since we are in a new month and the beginning of a new year,  where people try to change, 
hunt for motivations. I decided to motivate most of you, since I get lots of questions regarding fitness lifestyle.

How did I start & what motivated Me? 

-  I've always loved sports. Played football in a team while I was young (a defender),
dance in a professional dance group. 
I've be In and Out of the Gym since 2014, specially when I injured my right knee, then I almost gave up!
But what mostly got Me back at being motivated again into doing workouts, was the year 2015 pictures from my birthday(November) and New year's Eve.

I realised I gained tons of weight after a horrible break up. So I decided and said to myself that my 2016 will NEVER be like my 2015 and will not allow my emotions from relationship ruin my mental and physical appearance. 
Then I started looking up for some Fitness Celebs such as Mel B, looking at Mel B from Spice Girls, her body at over 40 years rocking her abs were just amazing. Seeing results of Fitness people 'Before and After pic' such like Steve Cook, got me more alert! 

Then I got my feet back on the ground and stronger like never before, worked out twice daily, morning and evening, Monday - Friday, on rare occasions I worked out on Saturday.

Changed my eating habit even though I'm extreme food lover, I quit sugar intakes, I didn't eat candies a whole year, my first pizza eaten in 2016 was last November and the morning of this new year day. 

My vegetable intake became 60 - 70% daily and I dread chemical preserved foods.

Then I said to myself I'd like to share my progress with my Instagram friends were I only had about 230 friend followers as of February 2016 and I followed tons of celebs.

But my Instagram account became an inspirational account not only for my friends but also for people from  different parts of the world. 
I wouldn't have believed anyone years back that I would inspire and coach some people on daily basis, both physical and through other social media platforms! 

The most important is that I'm proud of being who I am now, continue to love myself harder like my brother would always tell, and never fear taking risks! 

And I hope this motivates you too lovelies! 


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