Friday, April 21, 2017

Love your body more!

Don't get body shamed, love your body more!

Hi Lovelies! 

So, this pasted week I've had so much to do, stressful.

But I decided to take a deep rest from working out twice daily, and trust me, it helped a lot. 

I feel more energised, happy and given my body more love to it. 

And trust me, it's not a shameful thing to show extra love and attention to your body because you're worth it and it's your DAMN body.

Being on the public eye on Social media since I was 13years, made me most time feel insecure of myself when trying to compare myself to top celebs, but you know what?! 

FUCK all that crap now!
I won't allow others perfect fabricated social media life affect or change my mindset towards life!

Because there are more important things to think and enjoy this life because we only live but once on this planet. 


Let your presence intimidate others and not you following people by their shadows! 

Happy Friday Loves! 


Sunday, April 9, 2017

What You All Have Been Waiting For, Is Finally Here!

Hi Lovelies!
The video you all wanted is Now LIVE on my YouTube Channel! ❤️

Go and Watch it‼️

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Friday, April 7, 2017

Back On my feet again.

So lovelies, if you read my last post you'd understand the meaning of this post update Title.

Yesterday, I decided not to allow anyone steal again my good vibes.... I promised myself this would be the last time that someone would take away my smile and I won't allow any dude mess with my emotions.

Growing up I was the emotionless kid, but after puberty that changed up.
But now, I'll go back to the old emotions whereby, I'd give no fucks about emotions, although I'll be nice to those who're nice to me. ❤️

P.S Yesterday, I had an examination which I did my very best for 5 hours, then went home to take a lovely nap. 
Afterwards, I went to workout with my brother for a 2hours upper body workout session. 
It was amazing to be in another environment, like I always say, the gym is my spiritual temple to feel peaceful. 
Hope you all find a spiritual temple you find peaceful.

Happy Friday Lovelies!😘


Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Why Is This Happening Now!

Hey Lovelies!

Let's talk about this Dating and Relationship stuff!

I've been in a long term relationships a couple of times (3 to be precise).

2016, I choose to be single and just focus on my health and lifestyle in general.

This year, I had that same thought of continuing the same from the previous year 2016, but then I was like let me see what the dating world has in package and give it a try.

Then I got back my Tinder app on my phone, matched with a couple of dudes but never had the guts to write back, I'm a bit cold when it comes to this dating apps. 
And quite hard to be pleased by guys because I basically have everything and my income.

So, later on there's this guy I once matched with had like a 5mins chat with before I removed the app, but then got each others IG profiles (Instagram),  chatted a bit there too but gave up on chatting.

One day, I went through his IG page and mistakenly liked a picture of his, then he contacted me, we then exchange phone numbers.

This dude called me every single day, talked for about 3-4hours a day or more. 
 This went on for weeks and then said he wanted to come visit me in my city, have dinner together then go back to his home city, but I was working that weekend and I told him. 

Then he asked if I could come to his city, this was the first time meeting him, and I was sick down with eye-inflammation. When I arrived he immediately helped me put eye drop medication into my eyes. 
We spent the weekend together, everything seemed to be going perfectly well, that I myself couldn't believe this is happening.

This pasted weekend I went over to his place,  had lovely stay, but noticed he still had Tinder and I removed mine right in front of him, because I felt it's disrespectful to be using it while actually seeing someone whom we don't know what the next step maybe. 

Sunday when I came, I sent him a message I was back in my city and goodnight, then he replied goodnight. 
Next day, I sent him a good morning message which he always does towards me, He didn't reply I waited for 24hours and this guy is always with his phone 24/7 just like me. 
Then I texted him in Swedish, ''It's weird that I text him he doesn't reply 24hrs but can spare time to chat with his friends''

He still didn't reply, but was always checking my My stories on IG. 
Next day, I text him to know how he was doing, then after 6 hours I called 3 times, he hanged up.  But called with another number and he picked. 

Out of anger, I told him, how I felt, him misbehaving and acting out like a kid.

Then he replied saying, I think we should end our dating/cutting period, and my mum is in the hospital. 

We all know that is all framed up.  So I told him ''Hope your mother dies so you learn how to treat women next time''

Then he replied immediately and barking out that he wouldn't lie about that. 

I question myself again why did I fall for this again! 

 I was just lively my life perfectly in peace, had both my job, fitness life and school and then came this educated FuckBoy into my life with his 5mins of fame of love procrastination. 

Now, letting me end up an emotional instability. 
Where did I go wrong in being nice, friendly and open to people.

The struggle of being a good woman in an era that carters to a bad bitch?!

I'd rather be proud of being the woman I am with class, education, morals and self respect than belittling myself to a basic b***h just for another FuckBoy to approve of me.

I'm totally DONE with the dating world. 
If love wants to come to me, let the will of God approve it if not I'm going to stress myself for another dude.


Sunday, March 19, 2017

Pride Comes Before A Fall.

Hi Lovelies! 
So I'm sitting on the train on my way home from the Northern part of Sweden, Norrköping. 
I went to visit a dear friend yesterday, for just a short visit and now heading home and the training is been delayed for almost 2 hours, lucky to have booked a 1st Class then I get to relax and stretch my legs without feeling exhausted. 

And now I decided to update the blog with some words of wisdom for you guys to carry along into this coming new week. 

As women we should embrace ourselves together and uplift one another in any  means we                  can and not demoralising oneself with hatred or jealousy! ❌ 
Love towards each other's success brings forth a fruitful economy! 💯 So even though you're a social media platform guru or celebrity don't allow that to fool you with unnecessary pride and ego and neglect people who were there for you or even helping others become something! ✔️ 

Remember there was a time whereby NO one knew you were and so can that celebrity status disappear and you become a once C-Listed celeb! Because pride didn't allow you to look deeper and build a solid foundation. Pride comes before a fall!❌ 

  Be HUMBLED and stay FOCUSED!đŸ’ŻđŸ”„ Happy Sunday lovelies!😘❤


Saturday, March 18, 2017

I'm NOT Perfect!

Hi Lovelies!

So, most of you are new to my page and don't know much about me!

I'm just a normal lady who struggles daily on identifying herself to the world.
I'm not perfect and can't be that in as much as all social media platforms try to portray everyone's lifestyle.

I battle with dyslexia, having traits of cancer cells in my ovary but trying not to think of it, because I won't allow it hinder me from living my life and fulfilling my goals, memory lost. 
I've gone through an intense periods of depression a couple of times and have encountered committing suicide. I've been bullied, which made me afraid of meeting new people or even trusting others.   

Growing up, I grew up mostly with my mum and big bro, and I forever cherish these two in my life, and will do anything for under with my sweat. I LOVE them to death!
Yeah, my parents are divorced since I was a kid, and I don't have father- daughter relationship with my dad, even though I live under his roof we barely have a good communication and I've grown up having that with him and with his new wife beside him it's almost impossible to talk with him. 
That makes me miss my mum more and more whom I haven't seen in 6 years now.

People have asked, how come you think so advanced, bold, tough, independent, intelligent  and full of strength... And YES!... Just come think of it what I've gone through in my life an average youth hasn't gone through a quarter of it. 
That's why I'm who I am today, all of this toughened me up, and I won't allow anyone oppress me, be it a relationship partner, friend or colleague.

After going through my last depression attack I found myself an interest in Fitness and felt amazing exactly like my passion for fashion and most of my blog readers new me for (fashion blogger). 

Ever since then joining the fitness life, I've never felt more pleased with myself, respected my worth and got to love myself more and work for what I wanted both physically and mentally, now I'm so proud of my accomplishments I've achieved at my age; apart from my school, having business partners opportunities, and actually earning from what I love to do and also empowering others to step up and live up to their dreams makes my day daily.

Today, I live my life as it comes and make use of my time here on earth usefully.  
If I was to be told 3 years ago about me now finding strength through weaknesses and being from different places across the globe or evening being friends with some of my bullies, I wouldn't have believed that.
I'm a believer and an example that with hard work and faith dreams do come through no matter where you are, if you're destined for greatness nothing will ever stop you from shining, you only go through some hard times which everyone do go through but there'll always be an end to it with a shining light ahead awaiting you!


I hope you got inspired/ motivated by my story and I'll be always here to inspire you all, just tag along and follow me through my journey. 


Friday, March 17, 2017

This makes me happy!

Happy Friday Lovelies! ❤️
Hope you all are having a relaxing moment, because we all need it in as much we're up and tight with lots of daily activities.

Today, after studies I had a business appointment which I'll soon announce on my blog.   
Meanwhile, after my meeting, I went for some little shopping that wasn't little towards my wallet haha!
I bought my fitness supplements (Protein Powder, EAA ; Essential Amino Acids) that cost me roughly  1500kr but they're definitely worth it.
Then I bought some of my basic makeup, Foundation 550kr , Primer 149kr and Concealer 185kr. 

Then I came home, eat my dinner and did some self photoshoot which I'll soon post on the blog this evening or soonest by tomorrow's morning. 

Have a lovely evening and spend it with the ones you truly love! 


Monday, March 13, 2017

New Body Update!

Good day Lovelies!

I've a new video update for you on my YouTube channel! 
Hope you like it!


Thursday, March 9, 2017

A Special Day!

 Happy Women's Day to all women, transsexuals , and feminists!

This day, should you pamper and give yourself an applaud for all your accomplishments, because trust Me, most men can't handle everything we ladies handle on daily basis! 

I grew up with my single mother since I was 3 years old, and BIG RESPECT to her who nurtured me and my brother in the best way she could.
Her labour / hard work reflects/ portrays a good virtue on us which is obviously seen on me and my sibling;
We're extremely God fearing, hardworking, ambitious, intelligent, friendly, respectful, generous but most importantly she her constant possession of love towards us is the greatest and most important to me. 

She proved that women can single handedly take care of their kids with a career by the side and income for the house without depending on any man to give her any fortune. 

If not for a mother like her, I wouldn't be here and be the person I am today. At a young age of mine I'm proud to be a strong, bold, independent, intelligent, beautiful and graced with charisma because I got that uniqueness from my mama! ❤

Happy women's day to all my ladies out there, more grace to your elbow!đŸ’ȘđŸœđŸ”„❤

Friday, March 3, 2017

An Amazing Offer For My Readers!

Hi Lovelies! 
I've a good collaboration offer for you to enjoy from Protein World!

You get to save €28,50  from a package deal worth €127. 
All you have to do is, sign up with your email and you get the Deal immediately!

I hope you enjoy this deal! 


Wednesday, March 1, 2017

The Second Most Requested Video Is Out!

Hi lovelies!
 I've finally made the second most requested video after my booty workout videos and it's the
 ABS Workout! 
Most of you want me to show how I perfectly achieve my flat stomach with Amazing Abs.  
 Here's the part 1 of my Abs workout. 

I hope it helps and motivates you to try them out! 



Monday, February 27, 2017

This Is How It Looks!

Hi Lovelies! 
A few days ago on my Instagram I posted this picture of me above being bloated and not.
YES! It's normal to feel bloated! Everyday isn't perfect, I've seen many ladies being ashamed of being bloated and try to use a waist-trainer to cover up. ❌ 
The truth is, we athletes also go through the same phase of being bloated, it's a normal thing just like having monthly periods!✅
For me, when I get bloated it comes with pains and laziness but that doesn't stop me from working out đŸ‹đŸŸ because it's the best way from keeping you away from anxiety and I also try to take a enough natural fluids and get as much of enough sleeps in order to renew my energy and I increase my intake level of extra vitamins!💯 
I hope this helps you all out, and don't be ashamed of being bloated! 😘


Thursday, February 23, 2017

Throw Back Thursday

Happy Throw Back Thursday #TBT.
I just wanted to motivate you all lovelies. Never underestimate the level of your strength.
I vividly remember when I started, I was purely insecure of myself.
But I never allowed all those insecurities to stop me from developing my strength in weight lifting. 

2016, was the year I mostly got my shit together, got more focused and determine with my daily workouts. 
And I'm so proud of my amazing transformation. 
Feel proud, happy with my self and have regained an amazing boost of more self-confidence.

My mission with my fitness life is to develop and advance to the better version of myself until the day I leave planet Earth.
And will also love to continue to help others reach their goals, because life is about loving and helping one another. And I want to leave my footprints on the sand of time
        and know there was something that I left behind when I leave this world, and I'll leave with no regrets that I didn't help in making a world a better place and for also others whom I've helped won't                                                                             forget. 

 It's a great pleasure to help you lovelies! 
Don't hesitate to send me an email regarding your Workout & Diet plans scheduled personally for your body. 

Email :-

Comment below with questions of things you'd like to be helped with. 

Have a lovely night rest! 


Monday, February 20, 2017

What A Day!!

(P.S  Pictures taken by myself this morning after my ABS workout session). 

Happy chill Monday evening lovelies!

Today has being a hectic day for me with loads of appointments and getting back to school.
I had one week break from school, so glad I've 3 months left to my graduation!

Let's not change the topic!
Today, my day off with waking up by 04:10am, headed to the gym by 04:46am, I was in the gym at exactly 05:02am and my gym opens 05:00am every morning.

I did my 2 hours ABS workout, took a shower & ut on some make up, went to school from there I headed to my doctor's office, I had an appointment with him.
Then I was sent to the lab department for an X-RAY scan on my right knee.
I injured 2 years ago, while doing an running obstacle course in school. 

Thereafter, I went to myself school lunch, went back to school, left school again for 15 min to talk with my boss at work and went to a butik to return a jean that got torned, and I got a pair of new one free.
Then I went back to school for my last lecture and then headed back to the gym for my final workout session for the day (Back, Shoulders & Arms). After I had my dinner at the gym a chicken pasta salad which I bought.
And now I'm finally home!
Tomorrow, I'm going to go through all my emails, reply every important mails and finish of a customised workout plan for my client. 

Don't hesitate to send an email for tips, guidance regarding your fitness journey.
I'll be glad to help you out in the best and possible way I can.

Now it's time for me to say my Natti Nattis to you lovelies! 

Have a lovely night and sweet dreams. 



Lyckliga chill mÄndag kvÀll lovelies!

Idag har Àr en hektisk dag för mig med massor av möten och komma tillbaka till skolan.
Jag hade en vecka paus frÄn skolan, sÄ glad att jag har 3 mÄnader kvar till min examen!

LÄt oss inte Àndra Àmne!
Idag, min dag med att vakna upp med 4:10, pÄ vÀg till gymmet med 04:46, var jag pÄ gymmet vid exakt 05:02 och mitt gym öppnar 05:00 varje morgon.

Jag gjorde min 2 timmar ABS trÀning, tog en dusch och ut pÄ vissa gör upp, gick till skolan dÀrifrÄn jag ledde till mitt lÀkarmottagning, hade jag ett möte med honom.
Sedan skickades jag till labbet avdelning för en X-RAY skanna pÄ mitt högra knÀ.
Jag skadade 2 Är sedan, samtidigt som man gör en löpande hinderbana i skolan.

DÀrefter gick jag till mig sjÀlv skolan lunch, gick tillbaka till skolan, lÀmnade skolan igen för 15 minuter att prata med min chef pÄ jobbet och gick till en butik för att returnera en jean som fick torned, och jag fick ett par nya gratis.
Sedan gick jag tillbaka till skolan för min sista förelÀsning och sedan leds tillbaka till gymmet för min sista trÀningspass för dagen (rygg, axlar och armar). Efter att jag hade min middag pÄ gymmet en kyckling pasta sallad som jag köpte.
Och nu Àr jag Àntligen hemma!
I morgon kommer jag att gÄ igenom alla mina e-postmeddelanden, svara alla viktiga post och avsluta med en anpassad trÀningsplan för min klient.

Tveka inte att skicka ett e-post för tips, vÀgledning om din kondition resa.
Jag ska vara glad att hjÀlpa dig pÄ bÀsta och möjliga sÀtt jag kan.

Nu Àr det dags för mig att sÀga min Natti Nattis till er lovelies!

Ha en hÀrlig kvÀll och söta drömmar.


Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Stunning Beyoncé at the Grammys!

Let's talk about how stunning Queen Bey looked at the Grammy's Last Night! 
This goddess is a true inspiration to me and many other ladies!đŸ”„ Her strength to keep on striving irrespective of what may come of it may not work as planned but she keeps pushing and makes us to do the same in our respective lives💯 I'm forever thankful and grateful to growing up adoring her and always wanted to be super adored through the out come of my hard work just like she does!đŸ”„ You're a blessing to womanhood!đŸ’ŻđŸ™ŒđŸœ I love you 💕😘❤️ @beyonce

Sunday, February 5, 2017

The Part 2 is Here!

Happy Sunday Lovelies!

The Part 2 of 'My Booty Workout', is now LIVE on my YouTube Channel! 

Go and watch it! 
Don't forget to Subscribe for more videos! 


Friday, February 3, 2017

The best fast healthy restaurant in town.

YAaY!... It's Friday!
Time to get into the relaxation mood! 

I've an interesting news for my fellow lovelies based in Gothenburg city, Sweden. 

As we all are trying to get in good shape for the summer season, it means cleansing up unhealthy meals and switching up to healthy meals and add up some workout programs! 

And it can be hard to find some healthy salad buffĂ© restaurant in this city. 
But, now all those worries are being solved Darlings!

PicaDeli restaurant has made it easier for you guys trying to track down your healthy diet,   
by opening a pop-up salad buffé restaurant right in the city's shopping mall :-
Nordstan Shop Centrum. 

It's opposite the Kjell and company's store!

I love this restaurant due to it's high standard of fresh veggies and clean environment! 
Go check it out lovelies! 



Yaay! ... Det Àr fredag!
Tid att komma in i avkoppling humör!

Jag har en intressant nyhet för mina lovelies baserade i Göteborg stad.

Eftersom vi alla försöker fÄ vÄran kropp i god form inför sommarsÀsong, vilket innebÀr rensning upp ohÀlsosamma mÄltider och byta upp till hÀlsosamma mÄltider och lÀgga upp nÄgra trÀningsprogram!

Och det kan vara svÄrt att hitta nÄgra hÀlsosamma sallad buffé restaurang i denna stad.
Men nu alla dessa bekymmer löses Darlings!

PicaDeli restaurang har gjort det lÀttare för er som försöker spÄra din hÀlsosam kost,
genom att öppna en pop-up sallad buffé restaurang mitt i stadens köpcentrum: -
Nordstan Centrum.

Det Àr mittemot Kjell och företagets butik!

Jag Àlskar denna restaurang pÄ grund av att de har hög standard kvalitet pÄ fÀrska grönsaker och ren miljö!
GĂ„ checka ut dem lovelies !

Puss och kram!