Tuesday, 15 September 2015


I've been done guys with cold, hope to get back in good health as soon as possible because I do need it.... Yesterday, Me and my friend was suppose to head to a shopping center out of the town, but instead we ended up on our way at IKEA, to eat some food, a typical Swedish meal = Smashed potatoes with meat balls and brown sauce and blueberry jam. 
The pizza pic was what I had on Sunday evening with the same friend lol, for the past few weeks I've been craving so much for food, but it does always happen to Me towards the end summer season, but then it goes away. I can't wait to hit the gym once I bounce back in good shape with my health.

Right now I'm watching Champions League = PSG vs Malmö FF   scores = 1 : 0.

Wish you guys a lovely evening and beautiful day coming ahead!

Eva Banks!

Monday, 14 September 2015


What a day = Monday!.. Sad the weekend is over, because I in person wanted it to last longer (wish weekends lasted 3-4days) haha!!!
I indeed had a wonderful weekend, hanging out with my lovely brother and friends.
This pasted week, Me and my brother after school before I headed to my part-time job, we decided to relax at one of my brother's favourite café = ''Brogyllen'' Highly Classy Vintage Café. I took a cup of cappuccino and a strawberry, while my brother took a Moroccan tea with the same strawberry cake= extremely delicious that I wanted order again, but no it was quite pricy and my lovely brother paid for Me hehe!! 
Then on Saturday, I went to my brother's house spent some quality sibling time with him = watching movie together, eat pizza, talked about growing up and made gesture about the funny kids we were  while growing up, it was indeed amazing having those flash back memories with him. Later that evening, I headed to my friend's B-day turn up party. 

You see that's why I wanted my weekend to last a little bit longer, because I really did enjoy being with them, but now we're all back to reality = School and Work.

Hope you guys had a blast like I did?! .. Wish you all fabulous week!

Eva Banks!

Sunday, 13 September 2015


Enjoy watching, and don't forget to subscribe to my channel lovelies! 

Eva Banks! 

Thursday, 10 September 2015


It's out guys! I'm so ready to get my hands on a purchase of it!... 

Have a lovely weekend!