Wednesday, 12 August 2015


Hej guys, yesterday I went to the city mall with my friend because I wanted to check a shop 
''Beyond-Retro'' whom just opened their new boutique with 80% discount sales. I bought this sneakers there for only fifty box 50kr (the cheapest price I've ever gotten a shoe for) and my friend bought a really nice T-shirt. 
There after, we went to an international food market that's here in my city because of the international cultural week. Guess what I bought = Spanish junk food, which are Churros and Fried rice with sea food soup.  Later in the evening, we went to watch a popular local Swedish artist  at about 10:00PM and then after Me and my went to a friend's house for some drinks, then I went home ( I left them behind because I needed to rest).

Today, I'll be going there with my brother to get some real home-made British Fish and Chips ( I really miss it) haha!!
For now I'm gonna fix my room and get Me in order to head out. So till we meet again on the blog, I wish you guys a splendid mid-week.😘

Eva Banks.❤️

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