Monday, 31 August 2015


 Tired, but have to smile.
 What's happening?1
  Got to fix this.
 Not ready for a selfie, though.
Pretending to be looking else where.

Hey Lovelies! Happy new week Yeepy!

Back to school and back to business =  Life. I just miss having vacation, meeting friends and just relaxing. Right now, I'm kind of dealing with being stressed and depressed about some certain things, but for sure everything is going to be just all fine and better. 
Right now, I'm sitting at a salon in the town waiting for my friend, who's getting is hair being trimmed @ NK Salong NK. They are extremely good at making your hair looking gorgeous but quite pricy(very pricy) haha!
Right now, I'm just wishing for the best, that life has to bring forth, and  be my self, chilling, relaxing and put more focus on people who I now know matter most in life, while I ignore the rest.

Let me know guys what you want me to blog about, here on my blog or VLog, by commenting below.

Eva Banks.❤️

Tyga - Stimulated

Wednesday, 12 August 2015


Hej guys, yesterday I went to the city mall with my friend because I wanted to check a shop 
''Beyond-Retro'' whom just opened their new boutique with 80% discount sales. I bought this sneakers there for only fifty box 50kr (the cheapest price I've ever gotten a shoe for) and my friend bought a really nice T-shirt. 
There after, we went to an international food market that's here in my city because of the international cultural week. Guess what I bought = Spanish junk food, which are Churros and Fried rice with sea food soup.  Later in the evening, we went to watch a popular local Swedish artist  at about 10:00PM and then after Me and my went to a friend's house for some drinks, then I went home ( I left them behind because I needed to rest).

Today, I'll be going there with my brother to get some real home-made British Fish and Chips ( I really miss it) haha!!
For now I'm gonna fix my room and get Me in order to head out. So till we meet again on the blog, I wish you guys a splendid mid-week.😘

Eva Banks.❤️