Sunday, 14 June 2015


           A friend of mine took a snap-shot of Me & bae chillaxing at the front of a Candy-shop before we went in to buy us some candies for that evening.

Happy Sunday Lovelies!

So, happy to be free from school works, YAaay!!!... This was my Wednesday outfit, This time didn't dress all black lol due to my brown leather jacket which I had on. Pictures were taken by bae on our way to meet up friend after we went shopping (including candy shopping) hehe!!.. Have you guys noticed that the 90s fashion is yet back again!.. I wasn't a huge fan of the 90s fashion but now it that it's been revolutionised Day-Yum I'm so in-love with it, easy-to-wear, comfortable and can be styled into a very classy 90s chic in modern 2015 = amazing transformation, which I did and it worked out perfectly well as I wanted.

Go try some Ladies and Gents into your preferred way / style. .. Fashion is all about revolutionising of olds / oldies #Fashion.

                                                          OUTFIT :- 

                   * Brown Leather Jacket by  H&M.
                   * Black Top by SAINT TROPEZ.

                   * Black Flerred 90s Pants by FIORUCCI.

                   * Black Hat by GLITTER.

Have A Fantastic Week Ahead of you!
Hugs & Kisses!

                                                   Eva Banks!

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