Thursday, 12 February 2015


Some photos taken by my bf, on my way home, 3days ago.
Yeah, I'm back home in my city, after spending almost 2days in Stockholm city, which I fell in love with, though it's quite expensive lol specially their hotels but worth it. I could see myself living there comfortably, because I'm a city girl, who was born in a Mega City. You know that feeling when you're a city lady then relocating to another city that's not as big as your home town, it sucks but gotta adjust to it hahaha!!
Well, right now, I'm laying in the couch, while as my bf is taking a shower,(preparing to head out to his dad's office to have lunch, I can't go because I'm not feeling too good).

Outfit :-

* PONCHO  by Nelly


* TOP by H&M

SHOE by Halle Berry for Deichmann.

* BAG by Fendi.

* MakeUp FREE.

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