Wednesday, 19 November 2014


 Hey Guys! ... Hope you all are doing just great, like I am!
This pasted Monday was my birthday, I had fun, even though it was on a Monday LOL!... I went to school and my cool course mate sang a Happy -Birthday song when I came into the class haha..was damn shy as hell ..hehe!! Then headed to my boyfriend who bought Me the flowers and cake, then headed to a cozy restaurant after spend 2hours there headed to watch a movie. I wasn't allowed to take a pic,  as a picture freak I am..haha!
Then was driven home, and there another gifts awaiting Me from my Dad and his wife, while today being Wednesday, I received another gift from my lovely brother who bought Me 'One Direction Concert', they're coming next year, people who knows Me Know I'm a BIG fan of those SEeeXxxy/ HOoot Guys! :D Can't wait to see them Next year in my city = Gothenburg city.

Let Me end here LOL!

Big THANK YOU, to everyone who made My day, both the wishes (messages and comment posts) and presents meant a lot to Me.

 Chioma Eva! 

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