Tuesday, 9 September 2014


WOow!....How time flys! ....It's Tuesday already.
 To Me, it feels yesterday was Sunday when I was blogging.

On Sunday, I went to church, before heading to Church, I started taking selfies LOL!...but on my way to the bus-stop and even in the Church that I felt bad / guilty (God Forgive Me).
After the wonderful Church Service, I went to my boyfriend and we decided to TAKE  crazy / funny Selfies on my  Mac laptop #PhotoBooth.
     Yesterday being Monday, I went to school, my first lectures lasted for 2hrs 30mins, (Gosh!..How I Hate Mondays!), but not the outfit I had on Me though Lol! :D
Today, I took my pictures all by myself and through that I thought of visiting my favourites boutiques dressing room with amazing Roof-Floor mirrors! :)....While I all this was happening, after having lunch with my boyfriend, and he headed to work, I was going to the 2nd city's library and on my way there I got a Red ROSE, something I haven't gotten this year. I gotten it from a political party, who were campaigning because elections in Sweden (local, parliament elections and voting for new Prime Minister) because Sweden constitute of both Monarchy and Democratic system of government, and the election takes place on the 14th of this month of September (this coming Sunday). ...Wish us the best!

Right I'm watching this oldie movie :- 'OBSESSED' starring Beyoncè...very interesting, almost at the end!
I've to sleep soon, the time is 02:03 (mid-night), but before that I'm talk a little more with my boyfriend (we were face-timing each other while along watching the movie together because it was broadcasted on the local t.v station).
I've to be up by 6:30 (in than 5hrs)...Lol!

Goodnight Lovelies!!

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