Wednesday, 5 February 2014


Hey Guys, today hasn't been a good day for Me at all (No Smiles).
This afternoon, having done with school, I went with my classmates to buy Me,my body cream. While we were all through we decided to branch into a candy store to buy some candies & drinks,while we waste away time to the dance train. As soon as we bought this candies and headed out for the bus-stop, there we saw the bus just arriving there at the point. Then we decided to run after it, while running towards the buss, my phone fell out of my winter-jacket's pocket and landed on the floor leaving it un-assembled, so I just quickly hesistating to catch up with the buss I just picked up my phone's battery, the back-cover and the phone itself. 
So,when I got into the bus took some bites of candy and then brought the phone to copple it together, and I notice that my new phone of 1 exactly, the screen has been broken, I cried, because I know how much it costed and I made a mistake of forgetting to buy Insurance for this phone. So, I went to the company I bought it from, there they sent Me to Samsung Service House, and guest what?! I was charged almost 2000SEK (Swedish Krona), which got Me more annoyed to pay just for my phone screen, then I had the thought in my mind saying to Me Had it been I knew such a thing would happen, I could've gotten an insurance on the phone at once! Well, we all learn from our mistakes!
  Tomorrow, I'm going to buy a brand new phone! Yay!!!  From my own cash. Miss Independent. 

 Goodnight Loves!.. haha!!!

Eva Banks ♥ ♥ ♥

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