Monday, 9 September 2013


HI LADIES! Happy but tiring Monday...Lol!

I miss you guys,but I`m glad I did enjoyed my break, & I`m fully back into business..Haha!
So,this evening,I decided to share these stuff with you guys which are really important for you to know.

10 Things You Must Know & Have,As A Classy Chic & Posh Lady;-

1. Always have your hand-cream in your bag.

2. Never brush your hair in public!

3. As a lady you must have a black lace bra to-match with a string undie.

4. Every lady must have a small perfume to spray on her side-neck & on her hand.

5. Every lady must have a mascaras in her bag.

6. You must have an high-heeled sneakers,to show you can also be Hippish!

7. Every Posh lady must know how to sit up right at an eating or dinning table (never relax your back onto the chairs).

8. Every lady must have at all moment,a chewing-gum pack in her bag.

9. As a lady you must have a black-fitted mini-dress.

10. A Posh lady must always have her favorite lip balm/gloss with a light chocolate lipstick colour with her phone in her bags side-purse & never have a trashy song as your ringtone ladies!

Have A Nice & Lovely Evening! <3

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