Wednesday, 17 July 2013


Hello guys! Hope you all are doing great?!
This pasted sunday,I went to visit a family friend, & they live very close to the beach(5mins walk). So, I went to the beach to see the amazing/beautiful view & take some cool photos....And this beach water is connected to the sea that seperated Sweden & Denmark.

Tomorrow, I'll be going back home to Göteborg Stad (Gothenburg City),Sweden. I miss my city(The 2nd biggest city in Sweden).
Next month,I'll be travelling to my second home country "Italia!!!" (Italy). Can't wait to go  shopping in Italy!  Most of you who don't know,while I was a kid lived in Udine, Italy for some years with my dad before moving to live with my mum in Nigeria (because my parents are divorced) & then relocating to Sweden with my dad & sibling.
So,it's gonna be fun in Italy while outing & shopping with my family friends!..Can't wait!  ;) <3

The dress I wore in the photos,you won't believe I got that mini dress,when I was 10years old, and I still perfectly fit into like the first day I got it..Lol!  It's all about staying fit & healthy!
People are so surprised that I still fit into my childhood clothes!...Lol!.. Like I'll always say exercise more & eat less! ;)

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