Friday, 26 July 2013



Hey guys!...It's been a while!
Miss you guys...Lol
Sorry for not blogging much this summer period! :( ....It's been really a hard time for me to blog while outing in my city since I came back from my trip & I'll be travelling again to ITALY in 16 days time..Yes!!!!... Can't wait for it, because I'm going Shopping!!!...Did I say shopping?!..YES!..SHOPPING!!!!
I'll be spending 4 days in Italy 2 days in Rome & 2 days in Napoli.
I love Italy!* <3

When I travelled to Malmö city last month, I bought lots of fashion stuff,from shoes to clothes & accessories... So,I took some photos of the shoes I bought & a dress because I couldn't take photos of everything, they're so many...Lol!! (THE LIFE OF A SHOPPERHOLIC!) .. #YOLO
I just Love shopping can't help it!

Wish You Guys A GREAT Week coming ahead!

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