Saturday, 29 June 2013


Omg!..How time flys! Being a kid for Me was Amazing & Fun!!!...Lol
I was naughty but still everybodys cutie-pie!...hahaha
It's fun growing up from being cutie & Mummy's right-handbag into  beauty!..Lol!
Though I was like a tom-boy as kid, but was the little angel/girl who loved her Teddies & never joked/allowed anyone mess with them!!...haha!!!...I disliked hair-dressers/stylist trying to style my hair. It was a tough between me & them,then My Lovely Mum decided I'd get a Low-Cut which wanted...But now,that girl is now a big chic,who loves making her hair & is known for her cool & unique changes of Hair styles!..Lol!!!
I still miss my teddies! ;'(  *Joking*
Happy weekend you all,
Have a blessed weekend!
Spread the love to your close ones that mean alot to you!!!
Be save,Be Wise & Be protective!!!
Love Ya!! <3

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