Friday, 28 June 2013


Hello MY Lovely Blog Viewers!
Hope you all are doing great?!
In my last blog-post,I mentioned that I was going to travel,which I did. I'm still here in Malmö City for the next 1 month & few days..Lol (I'm counting down to My going home to Gothenburg City, Sweden)....Hahaha!!!

This past sunday I wore a simple Black & White Above-Knee Pencil Dress to Church. I didn't put on accessories with the dress but still I rocked the dress with boldness.
And guess what people were asking Me where I bought it & they love how I combinated My shoe with the dress. Then, I told one of them,I got the dress has present from my dad which he bought at H&M, and she was surprised that he knew my taste in fashion & my size.
Ladies & Gentle Men, if you've a great taste & passion for fashion,then don't throw it aside. Be BOLD about it. Be BOLD of what you're wearing & show Elegance! That's why Models are being respected because they know how to make a fashion collection make
Huge Sale with their Poise & Boldness on the Runway while catworking. Please learn from this to improve your mood when you dress. Put some Swag/Ego,Elegance & High-Class look with Boldness on your face/body language & you don't neccessary need Top Designer's wears to have this,start with what you have!

Here Are My Pictures from these pasted Sunday:-

Outfit:- H&M 399sek (Swedish Krowns) "currency".

Shoe:- Black 5inch pumps with thorns on the Heel By "Bik-Bok" 499sek (Swedish Krowns).

Have A Wonderful Day! <3

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