Sunday, February 11, 2018

Keeping Life Simple.

Good evening Lovelies!
Hope you all had a good weekend?!.. I had a great one, spent it in the countryside with the guy I'm dating and his family and I also studied.

It was just a peaceful one which I really needed because this pasted Friday wasn't a good one for Me. 
Most of you are aware of HPV in my uterus that is on grade 3 level, (had a blog post about it 2years ago), which is very rare for youths my age to have, I've done twice mini-operation to scrape it off, with the hope of it being better, 3 weeks ago, I had a huge pain in my abdomen I had to go the Emergency ward with all the scannings they thought it was another thing LOL! 
But this pasted Friday, meeting another doctor was different it was due to the HPV, and now I've to stop taking my P-pills because technically I don't need it, they said and have to meet with my Gynecologist for another mini-operation scraping and have to choose the option of taking out my eggs and freezing it, just to avoid further complications.

So, if you notice I don't socialize, like I usually do, this is the answer. 
I've so many things in my head, I can't escape and so I just isolate myself and head to the gym because that's the best therapy for me, even though I'm an athlete that has to constantly train, I feel calm just being in a gym's premises. 
Back to my weekend, it was just cozy with being his family, his mum made Tacos for dinner Yesterday and got to a Swedish music festival they contest to represent Sweden in the Eurovision song contest, afterward, we watched the Winter Olympics.
Then, later on, I and he watched a movie on Netflix before watching Richard Froning's documentary and slept off! I woke up very early this morning, as you know I'm a morning person, I started to study for 5 hours while waiting on mister to wake up, eat breakfast and watched again Olympics with his dad. His dad made lunch for us before we headed back to the town, but went straight to the gym. I did 1hr 40mins of cardio, consisting of Cycling, Treadmill, and StairMasters.  
Happy to meet someone who really complements me, we are both different in many ways and make a good composition.
Now, we are back home and I had to finish writing this post before sleeping because tomorrow's blog post is a surprise post. 
Get ready!


Sunday, February 4, 2018

Kylie Jenner is now a mom!

Kylie Jenner has given birth Guys!
I knew all this while, she's been hiding there's something behind it!

On the 1st of February, Kylie became a mom!.. She gave birth to her baby girl.!

Watch the video above, a documentary she filmed throughout her 9 months of pregnancy!

CONGRATS to the new mama!


Saturday, January 6, 2018

Huge Collaboration with Freebies for you!

Hey Lovelies! 
Hope you all are having a fantastic weekend?!

I've been wanting to share this exciting news since last month but couldn't, had to wait for all the process to be done before announcing it to you dearies!

Now, I can finally share with you that I'm collaborating with Martha Stewart! 👩🏽‍🍳
This is a dream come through!!

As we know, Martha is Godess when it comes to cooking recipes, she's even written tons of cook books and has a cooking tv show with celebrities. 

She has lots of healthy recipes and fresh ingredients to help you through your diet, you also get instructions guide on how to prepare this meals.
And there vegetarian options too.

You get to order meal box for two persons with either 2squared meal -3squared meal and then get serving every week.
A days meal plan goes for $60 per week. 

 And they ship worldwide and Free shipping within the US.

Every week I'm going to post about my favourite recipe of the week from Martha's kitchen. 
Hope you all like it!
GOOD NEWS YOU ALL WILL GET A $25 discount at your order as a New Year Gift from Me 
to you. 

Click on the direct to the meal plan and you get automatically your discount.
👇🏽 👇🏽 👇🏽


Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Do You Think He Did It?!

Hello Lovelies! 
Hope you all are slowly recovering from all the merriments of the festivities!
For me, I've been indoors doing the Netflix & Chill all by myself at home..Hahaha! 
Had some snacks of course(Ben & Jerry's and Smoked Salmon fish), to keep Me entertained!..LOL!

I've been watching serie movies and completed each within 24hours x 3 =  It took Me 3 days to watch 
'The Punisher,  Designated Survivor, The People vs. O. J Simpson and lastly Stranger Things'.

Out of all these serie movie, I was mesmerised by ''The People vs. O.J Simpson'' because I've heard a lot about the actual story while I was younger from my mum talking about it the verdict.
But I was quite young and didn't really understand why every pointed fingers towards O.J, after watching it, the trial and pictures, I've been super fascinated that the Jury actually let a murderer go scot-free.
Done tons of research and watch the actual trial court case and even the documented evidence, just being fascinated. 

Guys what do you think?
 Comment below if you think he is guilty of his ex wife's death and her friend's too.

Well, that has practically been my days so far, before heading back to school and Shredding season starts too. I've bought everything (training equipments)  including more healthy supplements I need during this shredding season which I'm going to share with you all by next week.
So in case if you're wandering what supplements to use, you can use my prescription as a guidance. 

Have a lovely night darlings! 

Monday, January 1, 2018

My 2017 NYE Celebration.

HAPPY NEW YEAR lovelies!

Hope you all had a fantastic NYE celebrations?! 

And recovering gradually from all the festivities of 2017!

For Me, I had an amazing one, spent it with friends and family.

Started with having dinner together with the family, just a normal tradition, before the kids go out to party haha! 
2016's NYE we hosted a huge Pre-NYE's party at our house, but this pasted NYE party was hosted by one of our friend's.
It was a huge turn-up party with over 40 people in the house with even a bar and a bartender, but we took our drinks (champagne, Bacardi & Martinis).
There were lots of activities to do in different rooms, including Beer-pong, lounge and the dancing floor.
At first, I wanted to just chill indoors and take it easy, but my brother, and my friend summoned Me to come out haha! 
I was late, my brother and other friends were there for hours before me.
I promise to change that game of coming at the last minute this year 2018 haha.

It was just a full of fun night to be remembered, I would say, and now is the time for some Goal-Digging,
time for accomplishments.

I hope you all are also super eager to make bold steps this year. 

My Outfit Details:- 

Chanel Vintage Black Dress.  

Black clutch from Gina Tricot (a Swedish brand).

Shoe from JustFab.

That was it Lovelies!..Very simple outfit and the same as my makeup. 


Thursday, December 14, 2017

It Is Nothing To be Shy About!

Hey Lovelies!
Hope you all are in the Christmas feeling just like me?!...haha!
Christmas season is my favourite holiday but also an emotional loving holiday!

Sorry I haven't been able to update the blog, been quite busy with school and some project that I soon will get to inform you broader on, and some exciting collaboration which most of you have probably heard of a few on Snap some weeks ago.
The plan was actually to publicise it, but I've really down.
I've been ill, but on recovering mode, had a mental breakdown.
Mental illness doesn't mean you're crazy, this is just an illness due to stress and over thinking your brain tends to take breakdown and all it needs is rest and mindfulness!
So, I've been super stress from relocation, to school work and trying to make it work with being active on my social media platform and there the body needed went off! 
And when this happens, most of my friends who knows me well, tends to know I become anti-social and wanting to interact with anyone, which some people who don't know me may think I'm just dissing them, No, that's not the case and hope you now understand!
It come with depression, which I gone through years ago but you all who has gone through this knows that it somewhat comes back, some try to defeat it by excessive drinking of alcohol (which I've done before), some choose working out, which I do, to get myself back. 
But for days now, I haven't been to the gym, I'm still down with cold, with a lost voice haha!
But I'm happy with the friends I have, who are constantly there to support me!
One of my friends was here this pasted weekend to check up on me, and now this weekend my best-friend is coming over, I really miss her, would be fun to have around to bring some smiles back on my face, with our crazy stories haha! 

So, this what has been I've been going through, and I finally realise it's nothing to be shy about, is either you're for me or against me, I don't really care!
And now, in school I'm just doing my best not allowing my emotions affect it by just being calm, even though some people attitudes just portrays resentment towards me, thinking they're the smartest just because I don't speak the perfect swedish when it isn't my mother tongue (English), is just completely barbaric and stupid, this ain't high school!... 
Like mum always says 'empty vessels make most noise!'
Because you have no idea what they're going through, only if you were to be in their shoes then you'd get the clear picture!
Being jealous about me, makes no sense, regardless of the fancy stuff and wealth me and my family may have, I'm far away from being perfect human being! 
No one is perfect but there is something called Karma, so I live my life gracefully with just appreciation that I get to see each day I'm alive on earth.
I hope you learn from that!

Thank You lovelies for still checking up on the blog.
Can't wait also to annouce the new collaborations that are being lined up, and I'm grateful that this companies were able to understand my situation and help postponed the dates! 
Thank you!

Chioma Banks.

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

How To Make Extremely Low Calorie Protein Pancakes

Hi Lovelies! 

I just finished eating this delicious pancake! HEAVEN!!!😋

I posted a bit of the procedures while making them, and I said I was going to mention it but you guys bombarded my Snap and Instagram to release the recipe now! 
So here you go :- 

1).  4pcs of  ripped banana

2)  5 scoops of Oats (Gluten Free). OBS! ...Grind it with your blender first.

3).  2 pinch of salt.

4).  4pcs of fresh eggs.

5). Half glass of Oat milk or diary milk

6). 1 scoop of Whey Protein Powder (vanilla flavour).

That's it and then fry your pancakes! 


I microwaved; 

7).  Proteinella (a healthy substitution for Nutella Lovers)

8).  Raspberries 

Hope you all enjoy it! 


Sunday, November 19, 2017

What Happened On My Birthday.

Hi Banks' Squad! 

Hope you all are still having an amazing weekend so far?!

For Me, it's been a blast and just a cool weekend.
This pasted Friday was my birthday, and I decided not to have any B-day Party like I've done now for some years in a row, I just wanted to enjoy it peacefully without stress of planning things. 
I spent it with some of my very close friends, none of my family members are around at the moment but of course got tons of calls and messages from everyone and my lovely cousins from the U.S and U.K. 
The first person who called me was my darling Mum as early as 05:45AM,
it's been a tradition of hers to be the first to wish her kids a Happy Birthday, which I really appreciate. But I'm always a bit grumpy when someone wakes me up hahaha! 

I went on a Birthday lunch date with a male friend of mine, then met up with other friends in town. We went for some shopping and then I bought my brother his present a Chanel product I hope he's gonna like it, because it ain't cheap haha! 
Then afterwards, walking down the walking street we found out, Chanel opened their boutique in our city this pasted Friday, because I normally buy my Chanel products either when abroad or  in  this Scandinavia well prestige retailer of all the top brands NK. 
So, when I went in amazed with what they had to offer but sadly enough they don't sell bags there. 
And one of the staffs, recognised me because I always bought things from him when he worked at a Mac Cosmetic Store haha! 
So, they asked me what I was doing in town, super snatched lol, then I told them it was my Birthday, and they told me to wait because they had a gift for me, and got this lovely gift from them; a Lipstick, Fragrance and volume Mascara.

Later that evening, I went to the club with my best friend, a friend of my was a DJ there and put my bff on the list so we got in freely without any stress or fee, and we danced all night long until me and my bff legs started to hurt because we had heels on, I was lucky I had an extra pair of sneakers to change but my best friend forgot hers haha! 

Then we went to McDonalds to get a cheeseburger and bottle of water, and that was it, and I got home at 03:00AM and slept throughout my Saturday haha! 

Now, I uploaded a new workout video on my YouTube Channel this morning and I cleaned the house, took my shower and went to town to go buy some winter shoes because it started snowing today, then later this I attend church service, then had dinner at an English restaurant, ordered our standard English meal LOL Fish & Chips and now I'm sitting on the train heading back to school. 

So far so good, I really loved the way I changed my statics of celebrating my birthday and I just want to take this medium to thank you all who took their time to call me, send text messages, 
send Fb messages and wrote on my Facebook wall yesterday, little things like this makes me appreciate life in general and pray to live longer so I can spend the rest of my life with people who truly care for me!

                                                                Cheers lovelies! 🥂